Most people experience rejection as the worst situation that can happen to them.

They believe that it is something “bad”, it is definitely something that hurts very much and they believe that sacrifice should be avoided at all costs.

There are very few who see rejection as a means of evolution and ultimately as a means of achieving success .

And, most people, associate rejection with value.

Most people’s common belief is that if someone rejects them, it automatically means they are not worth it.

But what is one person’s personal choice to reject someone else’s worth?

Absolutely none.

It’s just the way we’ve learned to see situations and ultimately our lives.

When it comes to rejection by a woman, often the pain is much greater than the pain of any other rejection.

Most men, after an er*tic rejection, are frustrated, distressed, feeling unworthy.

Others reach the point of completely giving up on s.. and flirting and never seeking to reach a woman they like again.

But what is the benefit of rejection in the end?

What is the appropriate attitude towards rejection?

And finally, how can you get kicked out of your life by being rejected by a woman?


# 1. Through Rejection You Learn To Cope With Your Fears

Rejection is a very important factor in order to:

a) Find out what your fears and insecurities are.

b) Accept these fears.

c) To overcome them and overcome them.


Being rejected by a woman confronts you with your worst insecurities and phobias.

It’s a step in learning what you’re afraid of and overcoming it.

Essentially, it can be hard to reject being a woman, but all that happens in the end is to evolve more and go out a winner.

Reality is the form we give it.

So no. Rejecting a woman is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

The worst thing that can happen to you is not learning something from it.

Women tend to let you down on your worst insecurities and phobias.

They are actually responding to exactly the image and view you have of yourself.

It is the most immediate way to expose yourself and that’s why it has evolved so far.

Therefore, do not avoid rejection. Many times it is much more beneficial for any person to be rejected several times and to learn what went wrong in order to improve, rather than to remain idle and learn nothing, to change nothing.

See rejection as an ally.

And learn something from every “no” you get.

# 2. Rejection From A Woman Learns To Insist And Don’t Give Up

Now, how you are going to perceive this rejection and what you will do after being rejected by a woman is clearly up to you.

You will either give up and say you are not good enough and you cannot do it, or you will be stubborn and persistent until you succeed.

There are two key factors in how to handle rejection:

a) Whether to blame someone and who to blame.

b) Whether your will exceeds your frustration and the temporary effect of er*tic rejection.

To put it more bluntly, keep the following:

a) Most people tend to take responsibility for our results for those around us.

While this can be very comforting, it is not beneficial.

If someone else is to blame, then our results are based on external factors.

If the women who reject you are to blame, then all women need to change their attitudes and behaviors at the same time in order for you to get the s.. you want.

And that is impossible.

Failing to take responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and actions is essentially like waiting for a miracle to happen.

If you take responsibility for your actions, it will be much easier for you to move on and keep on reaching.

Because you won’t stand for who’s to blame (which is the right answer), but for what you can do to get what you want and deserve.

b) Being rejected by a woman is a temporary situation in your life.

Whether it becomes permanent depends on you.

If the surrender, then this situation will become permanent.

If you change the way you flirt and insist on reaching out to women on a daily basis, then the situation is temporary.

Again, it depends on your will and not your rejection.

If, for example, you approached 10 women this week and rejected you all, you have two options: Either you think you are wrong and you try to do it again, or you give up.

If you give up, it means you didn’t want it enough. If you want it enough, then you won’t let ten rejects beat you.

You will persist over and over until you succeed.

And this is the right logic.


# 3. Gradually, You Learn To Not Reject Rejection Personally

The issue again lies in our attitude towards situations, in life and in women.

If we take the rejection personally, then we are most likely to follow a wrong path of thought.

A woman who rejects you (and I will say this from my own experience) does not reject you.

Dismisses the situation. It rejects the option of being in a s..ual relationship with you. It rejects some of your behaviors.

Basically, women reject for the following reasons:

a) They don’t find you attractive.

b) Relate.

c) They do not want something er*tic right now in their lives.

d) They are not in the right phase because they are experiencing a difficult situation in their lives.

Of these reasons, only one has to do with you. You can change that too by becoming a Man of Value, where most women will find you attractive.

So don’t take it personally. It’s not about you.

If you learn not to take rejection personally from a woman, you will learn not to take rejection personally in any area of ​​your life.

And that will really launch you.

# 4. Rejection Makes You Harder

The more they reject me, the tougher I become.

And so I face reality with more courage and confidence, which arm me in every situation of my life.

And this is one of the biggest benefits of rejection.

The same is true for men and for every person on earth.

From one point on, I learned to hunt for rejection and failure.

I knew this would make me stronger and more successful in the long run.

And so, from this point of view, er*tic rejection is the best thing that can happen to you.

We said, reality is the way we give it.

Therefore, rejecting a woman does not mean that you are a failure, that you are not worthy or that you are not good enough. 

It just means you’re still not strong enough to not care.

There will come a time when you are rejected so much that it really does not affect you.

And then that’s where you start to really earn.


# 5. Through Er*tic Rejection You Learn What You Can Improve

If you stop taking the rejection personally, a new road will open up in front of you.

You will enter a process where you will begin to observe both the woman and you.

You will gradually find that your body language and your movements, as well as what you say, affect the way the woman reacts.

And this is very important for your evolution.

Rejection is a key means of learning what you are doing wrong in your s..ual relationship and in communicating with a woman and those around you and gradually changing and improving it.

So rejection helps you a lot to realize the points you are missing, and ultimately, to become a much more communicative and attractive man in the opposite s.. .


In closing, I want to emphasize a bit

The important thing with rejection is to persevere.

Don’t give up.

Keep approaching again and again, thinking what you are doing wrong every time you reject and learning from it.

Only in this way do you really evolve and see rejection as an ally.

It is enough not to give up and insist.

Rejection and failure is the necessary path that all humans must go through in order to succeed.

And that’s the only way you should see it.

Don’t accept anything other than yourself.

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