Choosing the right woman for flirting can be much more difficult than you think.

Successful flirting depends on a number of factors, including your s.. choices, the boundaries you set in the beginning with your relationship with the woman, and the criteria you have.

Flirting can be and it can be extremely simple, but flirting successfully is much more difficult.

Now, it depends on what each of us defines success.

For some, it is a success to exchange phones with the flirting woman.

For someone else it is dating or having s.. with her.

For some, however, success in flirting mainly involves what kind of women she is approaching, that is, if she is approaching Women of Value, high quality and highly intelligent.

For me, the last sentence gives much more to what success in flirting is.

And finally, we all want women in our lives who are high quality and have high value and intelligence, because they will add value to our lives as well.

This does not mean that we will not have value first. Rather, it means that the women we attract will not offend, offend, or respect us.

And all this is very important when choosing a woman for flirting.


How The Criteria For Flirting Are Related To The Right Er*tic Choice

Flirting is something that in many cases brings us to our worst and deepest insecurities and phobias.

A woman is very likely to expose some of our deepest fears to us, and there we will need to be very firm and have the courage to deal with whatever comes out calmly, and most importantly, calmly.

The criteria are largely related to the above situation.

If your criteria is low, then the first hitch that will qualify you to flirt with the first test that will make you a woman, you will lose your criteria and will fall.

The criteria, in order to be and remain stable, you will need to be emotionally stable as a person, and above all, to feel that you are abundant in love.

This is very important.

We usually drop our criteria when we see that we are going to lose that woman, and feel that we do not have access and contact with the women we love.

Automatically, in order not to find ourselves again, we drop our criteria and make a compromise.

There are two reasons we reduce our criteria :

a) Our criteria are not stable from the outset, so they are very easily influenced by external factors.

b) We do not have enough er*tic choices, so we compromise and drop our criteria so as not to lose the woman we like.

The more you come in contact with women you like, the more you will gain confidence and realize that it is easy enough to find a woman available and flirt with her.

This will gradually stabilize your criteria.


The Value of Criteria in Flirting

However, here I would like to emphasize that without criteria, flirting is not successful.

If the only criteria you have before approaching and flirting with a woman is that she is a woman and she is beautiful, then you will tolerate all sorts of abusive behaviors.

From my point of view, having enough to many criteria protects you from unpleasant future situations.

The stricter your criteria, the more valuable you are.

A Man of Value will not tolerate any woman and man without derogatory, offensive or ironic comments, nor will they tolerate their negative behavior, which shows ruthlessness and disrespect.

What you tolerate of a person and what does not have to do with where you put yourself and what criteria you have.

And having many and strict criteria is what will drive you to find Women of Value.

How Limits Help Successful Flirting

Bounding is just as important in flirting.

If your boundaries are not clear from the beginning, then you are more likely to face and tolerate behaviors that are really bad.

The boundaries must be set very clearly from the beginning of your contact with the woman.

The moment a woman talks to you rudely or disrespectfully, you have to make it clear that you do not tolerate this behavior.

Your perspective on yourself and life will depend on whether the woman you choose will respect you and respect your boundaries.

If, for example, a woman speaks to you ironically, you should stop her and tell her that you do not tolerate irony and that you do not like or tolerate this behavior.

This is a clear limit.

You should not tolerate these behaviors for any reason whatsoever.

Again, the criteria play a huge role in what limits you have and how you set those limits.

If your boundaries are repeated over and over, then they are boundaries.

The second or third time someone breaks your boundaries, there must be a consequence, an impact that will clearly show that you are not tolerated.

In other words, you must first recognize your limits.

To know what they are and not to tolerate any behavior that violates them.

Then, you need to know how to set your boundaries in a clear and clear way.

Finally, whenever your boundaries are violated, especially when you have already stated that you do not tolerate behavior, there should be an impact.

Be consistent to your limits. Do not let anyone violate them and not realize that his act had a cost, an impact.

Women value and are attracted to men who have boundaries. It is an attractive feature.


Overall, in order to choose the right women for you you should:

a) Examine what your criteria are.

b) Add criteria and be consistent with them.

c) Do not compromise with anything less and do not drop your criteria.

d) Know what your limits are.

e) Set clear boundaries.

f) Don’t tolerate behaviors that go beyond your limits.

If you follow this line, you are much more likely to attract and select women who are right for you.

And this will help to increase your self-esteem and ultimately claim what you want.

It is very important to accomplish exactly what you want to flirt.

Don’t compromise.

You are a Man of Value and you deserve the best.

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