Many times, especially at the beginning of my contact with flirting and women, I happen to like a woman, maybe for quite some time, and I can’t tell her.

And I didn’t know how to handle this situation.

What to do;

If I talked to her, I risked losing any contact and communication I had with her, and if you’ve experienced something like that, you know what it’s like and why I’m talking about it.

Even the fact that we could say typical things with this woman was a form of communication that I might lack in the future if I told her I liked it.

In addition, I was afraid of her reaction. If it was negative and she didn’t look at me in love with me, I was afraid she would say something bad or reject me badly.

The worst-case scenarios went through my mind.

I didn’t realize then that the position I had put myself in, which was usually the friendzone in those cases, was much more difficult than to reject me one at a time.

Whenever you see her and you do not express her intentions, it is also a time when you deprive yourself of the right to acquire and live what you really want.

Also, remember that rejection takes a while, while friendzone can last much longer.

So is it worth it to deprive yourself of something you love so much and put you in a position that hurts you in the long run, lest you tell her you like her?


What You Can Do If You Can’t Tell Her What You Like

Since I have been through your post many times, I have created a handy guide on how to get to the point of expressing your er*tic intentions to the woman you love, so that you can save a lot of time, energy and effort and put her your life in a classroom.

As you read this article, you will find five practical and extremely useful steps that will help you overcome the obstacles that you face within and tell you that you like it, without worrying about the outcome.

# 1. Stop being her friend

The first and foremost step and the best way to show your love interest to the woman you love is to stop being her boyfriend.

In every relationship we have, we take on one or more roles.

If the woman sees the relationship with you as friendly, it is impossible to see you in love, even if you tell her that you like her.

So you have to get out of the friendly role once and for all.

Stop listening to all the issues she has in her life and above all, don’t take on the role of her psychologist.

You are not there to hear how she does not find the man she wants or that she is so distressed that she was rejected by a man she liked.

Take the friendly relationship out of the equation, so that another kind of relationship develops between you.

The more you play her friend, the less likely she is to see you in love.


# 2. Indicator Your Er*tic Interest

The second step is not only to stop being her friend, but to gradually introduce the love affair into your relationship.

You can do this by touching her a little more to get closer, make her a compliment more personal to her character and personality (and not to her outward appearance, as most do) and gradually you enter into the game s..ual attraction.

You have to realize that the pattern that you have in mind for you and the pattern that your relationship has so far has to break.

The main thing again is to gradually become the er*tic role of one of the most important roles in your relationship, and later the unique one.

All of this may take a few days, but this situation does not need to last for more than ten days to two weeks.

Once you stop dating her and start having a more loving relationship, it’s time to move on to the next step.


# 3. Flirt With Women You Like To Make Choices

The next step is very personal.

From the outset, along with the first two steps, it seems necessary to flirt with women you like.

You don’t necessarily have to do something with them, and of course you won’t be proud of the woman you like and stick to expressing your love for her.

However, flirting with women is considered necessary at this stage of the process for the following reasons:

a) You will gain more confidence .

b) You will find that there are more women out there and that you have er*tic choices.

c) You will overcome the fear of loss and rejection.

d) You will practice and get used to expressing your er*tic intentions to women.

The above reasons are completely personal.

I make it clear that you will not flirt in order to make the woman you like jealous. This makes no sense at all if you haven’t told her clearly that you like her. And, in fact, there is a risk that you will return to the friendly role, as it may believe that you do not like her and that you are friendly.

Instead, you do it for your psychology to rise, to see and live another reality, and of course to practice flirting and expressing intentions.

All of this will help you get to the bottom.

# 4. Changed mindset

Flirting with other women will also see your attitude change.

But you will need to seek to change your mindset on flirting, women, rejection, and the expression of er*tic intentions.

Most men, when we like a woman, play from a deprived position.

This means that we live in a lack of er*tic choices.

This is an inappropriate and unhelpful mentality for us.

The result of this mentality is to fear the reaction of the woman if we tell her that we see her in love and, above all, to fear not to lose her.

Therefore, you will need to change the way you approach this situation.

You have to play from a position of power and abundance.

Your way of thinking should be that you are a Man of Value, you have er*tic choices and you can claim another or other women if you wish.

It’s just you.

This will take away a lot of weight and you will stop fearing that you may lose it.

And you go to the next step.


# 5. Take Her Decision And Talk To Her

Having successfully completed the previous four steps, it will be much easier to talk to her openly and tell her how you feel.

Basically, you’ve already built the structures to do it. Just pull the patch.

Whatever the outcome, you don’t care.

If she tells you that you don’t like her, you will have clarified the situation. You would have saved a lot of time and energy than you expected to see.

It will leave a burden on you because you will know the truth and you will not keep it a secret anymore.

And most of all, you’ll be able to go below. Get to know another woman and live unforgettable moments with her.

If she tells you that she feels the same way and that she was waiting for you to express your intentions (which is very likely because many women expect us to do so), very much for a successful first date!

In any case, you are out to win.

So what are you waiting for?

Even if you’re not sure she’s interested, it’s best to talk to her openly. But what are the signs that you show a woman is interested?

Overall, expressing intentions may be a difficult process for many, as they need to be exposed and express their feelings.

However, by telling her openly that you like her you are earning far more than sitting passively and waiting for what will happen.

It doesn’t go like that.

A Man of Value does not wait for others to define his life.

She makes decisions and creates the life she wants to live.

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