If you are tired of bumping into every relationship that goes on to become more serious and long lasting, then in today’s article you will find practical solutions and methods to never repeat this pattern again!

Because I have had it several times in my life, especially during my years of flirting and in relationships with women, I have now found practical ways to be sure that relationship boredom will be a situation I will always avoid.

Of course, it makes perfect sense, if the relationship has been around for many years, to have routine or moments of habit.

However, it is very important that this is not a permanent situation, but an exception to the rule.

And many times boredom is itself the norm in a relationship .

Essentially, boredom in the relationship drives the attraction to below zero.

That is why it is so important when you start a relationship with a woman, to prevent boredom from the beginning and not wait for you and the woman to get bored first and then act.

Prevention always defeats every negative outcome of the situation.


# 1. Start Limiting the Time You Spend Together Don’t Be Bored

The time you spend together is important and valuable.

That is why it is extremely important to respect this time and not be constantly.

Being constantly with the woman you start a relationship with is a waste of time and an abuse of both.

While I realize that sometimes it is difficult to resist not seeing it when you want to, it is important to understand that if you do it all over again you will be bored!

Respect your time together and your time apart and don’t overdo it with how much time you spend together.

This does not mean that you will not be at all, nor that you will count the hours and days you spend together in order not to overdo it. Rather, it means creating a time that will be in everyone’s life, their reality and their friendships.

The situations need a balance.

And this is one way to maintain that balance and not get bored too early.

Do not be every day all day, so from the beginning of the relationship. Keep some experiences for later. You will remember me.


# 2. When You Are At Home, Do Activities Outside the Home

Equally important is that it does not happen every time you are locked in the house.

From the beginning of the relationship there should be joint activities outside the home, even if it is to have a coffee or go to the movies.

You don’t have to start a new hobby from the first month, because this is a hurry.

But it is also not beneficial to do nothing new with the woman we meet.

Again, it is best to have a balance.

However, if you are turned down but still interested, then things get trickier.

There will be days you will be at home and days out.

But sitting from morning to night watching movies certainly doesn’t make much of a difference, and you’ll soon be bored.

# 3. Don’t Leave Your Personal Life Behind

There is one piece of advice that I have always thought of as meaningless: “Don’t get excited because it’s the beginning.”

Obviously you will be excited at first. If you are not excited at first, when will you be excited? At the end;

But that does not mean you will fall into the trap of your new relationship and leave your personal life behind .

On the contrary, it is very important for everyone to have their own reality and to continue their life as normal, including in their new relationship.

But this new relationship should by no means completely change your daily life and get you out of your habits and schedule.

All of this is very important to keep in mind at the beginning of the relationship.

Of course you can do exactly what you did before in your life, and she can do what she wants to do as before.

You don’t have to change your whole reality from the moment you already had a life separate.

Take time for yourself and don’t give up your life to be together.

Most couples these days make this very important mistake and then wonder what it is that got so fast and bored.

Your personal life and your reality are a priority. Relationship complements the puzzle, not the puzzle.

All in all, these three steps are the most important so that your relationship will not end up breaking because of boredom.

The most important thing is to be stable within yourself and to know very clearly what you are looking for in a relationship and what things in your life and in your daily life you cannot sacrifice for any reason.

Most people fall into the trap and give it their all right from the start. However, the investment you make should be equivalent to the investment that the woman makes in the relationship and the time the relationship takes.

If you do it all from the beginning, say it all from the beginning and live it all from the beginning, it makes sense to get bored.

Give the relationship time to mature and keep experiences and moments to share later.

Believe me, these are the ones that have made my relationships work better and I have never been bored in a relationship ever again!

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