Many times our fears prevent us from making new s..ual encounters and getting what we deserve in our flirting and love relationships.

Fears of flirting are normal, but they should not prevent you from approaching, knowing and flirting with women.

The result of succumbing to your fears is that you do not claim and acquire the quality relationships you deserve. And you might be frustrated and think that you can’t do it or that there are no women out there for you.

In any case, it is good to face our fears and overcome them. I know it’s not easy in the beginning. But it is a shame, because of these fears , to lose opportunities and not get the best for us.

By reading below you will find out the three most common fears that usually prevent us from flirting more and eventually making new s..ual encounters.



# 1. We Fear Rejection And Lose Opportunities For love Dating

Fear of rejection is one of the main reasons we miss opportunities for love relationships.

And it’s one of man’s greatest fears.

In most cases, before approaching and flirting with a woman, we think of various scenarios, the most common being that the woman will reject us. This prevents us from flirting with women as no one wants to be rejected.

However, we should not treat rejection like this.

# 2. We are afraid that we will have nothing to say and no new acquaintances

Secondly, many men are afraid that we will have nothing to say to the women we know, so in order not to block, we avoid flirting altogether.

Getting stuck for a while and not having anything to say to the flirting woman is basically normal. With all people you can get this.

However, this should not stop you from flirting and having s.. .

If you think you’re going to get stuck, you’re more likely to get stuck.

Instead of focusing your thoughts on what to say, focus on having both fun and having fun. And the words will come.


# 3. We are afraid that Woman will have a relationship

The third most common phobia is that the woman will have s.. .

However, that too should not prevent us from flirting.

If all men followed the logic that the woman they like can have a relationship, then no one would flirt, as all women can!

Instead of blocking that thought, reach out to the woman you like without thinking about whether or not she is engaged. If it is relevant, he will come out of the conversation and tell her.

Of course, there is the fear of exposure that prevents us from flirting. 

Overall, all men have the above-mentioned phobias from time to time that prevent us from having more s..ual encounters.

However, flirting is a pleasant process and it is necessary to overcome these fears in order to enjoy it and ultimately get the results we want.

Today’s article was designed to help each of us recognize our biggest obstacles to flirting.

Now that you know that these fears are common to most, act decisively and gradually overcome them.

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