You’ve heard of an Alpha Man and a Beta Man.

But let me introduce you to a species that goes far beyond anything you can imagine: The Sigma Man.

Okay, maybe I was a bit over the top, they are not that unique, we are always surrounded by them, but due to the alpha man’s dominance, the sigma man can never move into the limelight.

What I’m trying to say is that you’ve probably encountered a sigma man in your life, but you never knew where to put it.

What is a sigma man?


He is your introvert alpha male. He does not like being the center of attention, so you’ll never see him go to a girl first or see anything silly doing so everyone looks at him.

He is very independent, so he does not care much about others and he tends to be the black sheep among the men.

But to be honest, he really does not care. He walks the world confident and sexy, without paying any attention to anyone paying attention.

Characteristics of a sigma man?

Because they are so mysterious, you will often never know who a sigma man really is.

But there are a few telltale signs that the man in front of you is indeed a sigma man.

Although they are very introverted and avoid any kind of communication with people they dislike, some will find you intriguing enough to open up and show you some or all of the signs that he is a sigma man ,

1. Independence


If you think he cares about your opinion, or if he really needs you in his life, then you’re wrong.

He is your dominant introvert, so dominant that he refuses to be influenced by anyone or anything.

He refuses to be bound by traditions and expectations of others.

2. introspection


He will never get involved in a drama because he thinks about everything and knows how to act in certain situations.

He thinks about everything to think about.

He reflects on his feelings, why he feels the way he feels and whether he can come to a conclusion.

He thinks about his experiences and if he can learn something from them.

3. silence


This is in line with the fact that sigma men are introverted, because they will not just talk to break the silence, because that’s stupid in their eyes.

If he starts talking about something then you can be sure that you are fascinating him and you will talk about some unbelievable topic.

He’ll take time to think about what he’s going to say next, but you can expect it to be a great answer.

Also, do not confuse his silence with shyness – he just might not want to talk.

4. Intelligence


They are experts when it comes to analyzing things and experiences and how to learn from them.

A sigma man will most likely ask questions if he is interested in a particular topic and he will not hesitate to find the answer.

Most sigma males are INTJ-type in personality, popular not because of their social skills but because of their intelligence.

5. Attraction


If you’re a mysterious sigma man, all women are at your feet. Every woman wants to find out what lies behind this attractive face.

But it’s not as if that would interest a sigma man, is it? All these women are not amusing enough to hold her.

6. Troublemakers


You are morally on the other side. They get into trouble and they do not care.

Considering their IQ, one might ask oneself how they could ever do such a thing, but sigma males find it funny to break the rules of others.

Even if he does not do it on purpose, simply following others’ rules is simply not his thing. In his mind, these are not for him.

7. loner


He does not want to integrate or stand out from the crowd. He just does not want to be involved in anything.

He likes to be in the company of people who understand him, but because of his personality this is rare.

That’s why he likes being alone all the time.

It gives him time to brood, and it’s not such a burden as everyone thinks. Being alone is much more appealing to him than being in company.

8. Situational action


He knows how to look after his family and himself because he is very capable. You have to go to him if you have had a bad day or do not know how to solve a problem.

He probably will not be happy that you are disturbing him, but he will help you.

You just have to listen to him. He probably already thought through everything down to the smallest detail.

9. Charisma


This trait is not natural for a sigma man, but due to his high intelligence, he decided that his introversion would not help him learn more about people.

So he has developed his social skills and charisma to the extent that he can maintain the attention of a full room.

His charisma comes from his self-confidence and the way he sees himself.

He uses the empathy of his introverted way to connect with other people.

10. Self-confidence


Unlike the Alpha Man, who is a dominant extrovert and lets everyone know how great he is, the Sigma Man is a dominant introvert.

He does not have to be loud and show everyone his power.

It is enough for him to know how valuable he really is.

The sigma man does not feel the need to convince anyone of his abilities and show that he can achieve all of his goals. It’s enough for him to know that.

11. Read


The sigma man you met probably read more books than we all did together.

He would rather look for a good bookstore than for a bar or a club.

He likes to learn new things and discover new worlds, because this one is too boring for him.

In his head are books about people. I’m sorry.

The important thing is that you realize that a man is not born a sigma man, but rather is formed into one through his years of experience with the world and people.

He is an outsider who has social skills to fit in any social situation he comes into.

To be honest, real sigma men are really scarce because it’s much harder to become one.

But if you meet one and he is interested in you, he will knock you off his socks. You will not know what is happening to you.

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