The best people out there are not the ones who have the most money or who look too good.

The best people are the ones who make you feel good no matter how much money you have or how you look.

The best people are those who know that you are broken and still choose to love you.

We tend to make many mistakes in choosing our partner.

We tend to be broken by the wrong choice of the person who should love us and appreciate our love. But the only time you do not make a mistake is if you choose a girl who tends to “fix” people.

Because this girl will show you what it feels like to have someone who does not give you up, no matter how hard it gets.

She never gives up easily.

The girl, who tends to fix people, never stops trying and she does not give up when she sees the bad side of you.

She is the one who knows that you are only human with all the highs and lows of life, and she will choose to stay by your side if all others simply go.

She will choose to see the best in you.

She always dives below the surface and she will always be able to find the good side of you.

If the girl, who tends to repair people, is in love with you, she will always try to find things to which you are capable, of which you yourself had no idea that they are in you.

She never loses hope.

No matter how many times people say that someone is a lost cause and that she can do nothing to help him, she will keep trying.

Because she knows that everyone deserves to be loved and cared for from time to time, and she will never stop helping those broken people.

She sees healing as a gift.

She will heal your brokenness as she did with hers. She is good at fixing people because she herself was broken once, so she knows what it feels like.

By helping herself to recover from the break, she taught herself to help other people, and she made it her legacy.

She sees imperfections as the most valuable part of you.

This also applies to other people. Because she knows that all these little flaws are really the things that make us different and that make us special.

She knows, just because you have imperfections does not mean that you are not worthy.

She hates to go.

It is more about forgiveness than leaving. Because leaving is too hard and tends to break people.

Seeing people break is something that most hurts them and why they hate walking.

It is not only good for you or for yourself, it is good for everyone.

Not only will she try to repair people who are important to her, she will also do it with the people you care about. She will be there for your friends and family and she will try her best to help them too because she knows how important they are to you.

Not only will she invest in your relationship, she will invest in as many people as possible.

It will make you to be a better man.

Once you’re fixed, your project is not finished yet. Because you were never just her project – you are so much more than that. You are the person she loves and cares about and she likes to “invest” her kindness in you. And you will want to save the world with her.

You will see that happiness actually comes from giving and making others happy, and that their generosity and determination make you want to be a hero with them.

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