“Just because you’re a nice guy does not mean you’re a good man.” – Zyanya Torres.

Nice guy or a good man: which one are you?
Yes, you could start scratching your beard and ask yourself what the meaning of the question is, and if you do that now, this article is for you.

Strange as it may sound, there are differences between a nice guy and a good guy.

A nice guy will do nice things and expect the same back. He will be there to take his wife for a lavish date, and then he expects her to do something for him.

For a good man, this kindness comes from within. He is good by nature. He does not expect people to behave like him. If someone is good to him, that is more than okay.

For a nice guy, the public image is of the utmost importance. Whatever he does contributes to the improvement of his image. He must be loved and admired by all. But a good person is only aware of his character. As long as people appreciate his character, he is satisfied.

The border of a nice guy is flowing. He shapes them according to his needs. The good man knows his limit well. He knows where his limit lies. This brings him the respect of everyone.

A nice guy flatters his lover and makes her feel that she is his world. But a good man understands the value of true love and knows that being in a romantic relationship with someone does not mean neglecting other people and work. He will love her and give her the respect and attention she deserves.

Rejection makes a nice guy crazy. He is always seeking confirmation from others. The good man, on the other hand, knows his value. He sees acceptance and rejection in the same light.

A nice guy needs a veil to hide his intentions. The good man is transparent. His goals and motives are clear to him and to everyone else.

For a nice guy, there is always one person or incident to blame for all the negativities in his life. A good man will never blame others. He will not only take responsibility for his own actions, but also be responsible for others.

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