We never went out. We never took the next step. We never confessed our feelings. And yet I have never loved anyone in my life.

I feel like you are the One. Of all the people in my life, you are the one with whom I can imagine my future. Only with you, I’m looking forward to getting old. You give that feeling to me.

The truth is that I know that I should not love you. There are worlds between us. And I was warned against you, my friends advised me not to hope, not to wait, to go further. Well, I’m the living proof that some things are easier said than done. And also for the fact that the heart does not always listen when the head speaks.

Look, if I admit that I’m in love with you – a person who does not see me that way – nobody understands why. I hardly understand it either. Honestly, I do not understand anything about it. I do not understand how love works and why I’m so in love with you.

It’s crazy and stupid and maybe I’m just a bit naive, but I do not care. My heart wants what it wants.

Maybe because we can be ourselves when we are together.

Maybe because we are a safe haven for each other.

Maybe because I’m always there for you and you for me.

Maybe because opposites attract.

No matter what it is, my heart has decided and I can not do much to change that.

To be honest, I do not even try to stop myself from loving you. Because I feel that you like me too. I feel like you want more, too. But it’s like you’re picking us up for a better time. As if you were afraid to screw up what we have now. And I understand that.

Here’s the point: I’m not going anywhere. But I will not wait any longer for you. I’m not waiting for something that I’m not even sure it will happen. There are so many “what-ifs” that persecute me and I can not continue to hold my life for you. Yes, love is something wonderful, but it is also deadly if it is not reciprocated.

I will never stop hoping that my dreams will one day come true. I will never stop wishing that I am the one you finally call your wife. But I’m too tired to wait for that.

Continue to treat me as if I were his girl. Keep behaving as if everything was okay, as if everything was normal and there was no elephant in the room. Keep hugging me as if I were everything for you and call me pretty. But until you let me in, until you tell me how you really feel about me, I’m sick of begging for your attention.

Continue to choose and try other girls and I will continue to support you. I will continue to pretend that it does not hurt to say that I am happy or tell her how happy she is to have you. Do not worry, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces. But do not expect me to stop my life for you. Do not expect me to budge as my life passes my eyes and I wait for you. Because I’m tired of being just an observer from now on.

That does not mean I’m sick of you. My door is always open. I will always have the hope deep in my heart that you want me as much as I want you. I will always dream of our common future and I will always look forward to the moment when you realize that we are destined for each other.

I will always wait for us to write a new chapter in our history with a completely different twist. But I do not stop my life.

I am here if you want me. I will not go away. I will Always Love You. But I will not be here forever.

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