After the birth of her child, the additional baby pounds remain with many of the women for several months. That is absolutely normal, disturbs many new Mamis nevertheless. Duchess Meghan is no exception. But with a simple trick from her nutritionist she should soon return to her old form.

A simple nutritional trick

Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, a former model, has many celebrity clients. In addition to Princess Eugenie, which she brought to Shape for her wedding last year, Duchess Meghan is one of them. Gabriela Peacock revealed in an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph what a simple tip her clients follow to boost their weight loss: before each main meal, they should take a few spoonfuls of yogurt – that’s it.

Yogurt boosts fat burning

But what effect should yogurt have just before eating? “Starting your meal with protein instead of carbohydrates reduces the blood sugar spikes caused by the release of carbohydrates in the bloodstream,” reveals Gabriela Peacock. If you follow this trick daily before breakfast, lunch and dinner, the weight should tumble more easily, as this fat burning is activated. Greek yogurt with no added sugar is especially recommended. If you do not like yogurt, you can also use other protein-containing foods such as cheese or ham.

Nutritionist helps Meghan lose her baby pounds.

Snacks are allowed

According to the nutritionist, the key to a good figure is not starving. She recommends three main meals daily, with two snacks in between. One should by no means miss a meal to keep the blood sugar level constantly flat. In this way, their customers like Duchess Meghan are best able to control their weight.

Lose baby pounds only with yogurt?

A few spoonfuls of yogurt a day will certainly not be the only measure that Duchess Meghan takes to get back into shape after the birth of Baby Archie. The wife of Prince Harry, in addition to a nutritionist, has a personal trainer, doing yoga and a special form of Pilates several times a week. Obviously, she does not stress as far as her figure is concerned and takes her time. This should also encourage other new mom’s to take it easy and calm.

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