If there are complications in the relationship, the following signs immediately draw a line.

These zodiac signs separate when it becomes exhausting in the relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs and you always come back to the point where you as a couple have to get rid of problems. This requires some discipline and ambition, of which the following zodiacs have too little. Because instead of dealing with the problems, they avoid the conflict and end the relationship.


The ram loves its independence. It is also the reason why he ends a relationship as soon as it becomes exhausting. He does not fall into a pain of separation, but is looking forward to finally be able to do what he wants without having to look for a partner. For a relationship to last (long term), Aries needs a partner for whom freedom and independence are just as important.


The Sagittarius has big goals and if it feels like the partner is in between, the relationship is over quickly. Sagittarius do not like to decide and usually their freedom and the achievement of their goals is more important to them than the partner. Especially if you need to invest work in the relationship.


If there is too much drama in the relationship, Aquarius says goodbye quickly. Although the decision is not quite so easy, but his conflict-shying ensures that he reluctantly dealt with problems. Thus, the risk is high that the relationship will not survive the first major quarrel.


Although fishes love the beginning of a relationship, the exciting first dates, the fresh love phase and the attention, but as soon as everyday life comes, the motivation subsides. With serious conversations, the fish is struggling, which is why it is not easy to have a constructive and solution-oriented conversation with him. The chances of survival of the relationship are therefore rather poor.

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