Job, love, health: that’s what the zodiac signs of autumn 2019 can expect.


For the ram in the fall a lot is about family and friends. You finally have time to take care of your loved ones. Love is going strong in the fall. You feel good and enjoy romantic hours together. If you are not yet in solid hands, you can look forward to many flirting opportunities. For the sake of your health, you should downshift a gear.


When it comes to love, harmony and happiness are the hallmarks of the bull. Singles could find a partner. In the job stress and big projects come to you. Do not lose track and take time off to recharge your batteries. You have a good immune system at the beginning of the fall, which fends off all viruses. From November to December, you should take more care of yourself and drink a few ginger shots to prevent colds.


In autumn, a new love could be waiting for you. But beware! Do not let it cloud your senses, because it could be that your partner is not so serious about you. It’s best to concentrate on yourself and do things that are good for you. So nobody will spoil your mood.


In the autumn of 2019, they have an increasing need to help others. You do that! Because helping someone else is also happier. You may find someone in the coming months who turns your entire life upside down. Whether positive or negative will turn out yet.


The lion should pay particular attention to his health in the fall, because frequent colds and small aches and pains will bother him. Be careful! Take a lot of fresh air and eat healthy! The good: Financially it runs just right around you. So you can treat yourself to the little break in the spa resort to recover.


The maiden can especially look forward to her relationships in the autumn. Partners, family, friends are all lovingly caring for you. Now that you prefer to spend your time in your cozy home, invite your friends to a cozy Netflix or game night. Who is single, should not stay at home, but rather go out. The chances of a new love are not bad in autumn 2019.


In the job, it will run smoothly in the autumn. But be careful not to take off. Because that attracts envious people. Privately you should use the time in the fall to finally tackle unfinished business or finally complete relationships that still burden you. Make a clear ship. That will make it easier.


For the Scorpio in the fall new opportunities in terms of job. But weigh well, what sacrifices you would have to bring and if that’s worth it. Otherwise, you feel very fit and finally have a lot of desire for sports. The result: The many movements make you even more energetic.


The shooters are waiting for a relaxed romantic time in autumn. Everything is going the way you want it. Be it a casual affair, mumbled autumn romance or just a solid partnership: Get what you need now. If you already have a solid partnership, you will be able to consolidate it.


Money, money, money! Capricorn can fill his wallet in autumn. Maybe a salary increase or win in the lottery? But ask for the conversation with the boss or buy a ticket. Because by itself the money blessing does not come. Unfortunately you are not so relaxed in the autumn despite the cash injection. Take care not to get out of your skin immediately if something goes against the grain, because that draws too much energy.


Atchoo! Aquarius often sneezes in the fall, because he just does not get rid of this annoying cold. Invest in your health over the next few months and make yourself at home while it storms and rains outside. Use the time to example to plan your next big trip. This also brings your mood on tour again, because it makes the anticipation happy.


In autumn you can expect a relaxing time with your partner. That’s a good thing, because in the past weeks and months it has not always been easy in terms of love. Look forward to cozy hours for two or – if you prefer more action – to varied evenings with your partner or friends to celebrate or extended hiking tours in the mountains.

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