The next time you take a shower, you should consider the following when washing your hair.

We all have our very own hair washing routines, which could not be more different. Some swear by a certain product while others try new shampoos again and again. Some women only wash their hair twice a week, others every day. But what is right? Anyway, we know what’s wrong:

Do not wash daily

This is according to experts one of the biggest mistakes that one makes when washing hair. Frequent washing causes the disappearance of natural oils in the hair, which are important so that hair and scalp do not dry out.

Which hair wash how often?

Basically, the hair can provide itself very well. The natural regeneration process ensures that the hair is supplied with moisture and that it automatically counteracts environmental influences such as wind, air pollution and the sun. That is why it is important to find a care that does not take over the process but supports it optimally.

Wash dry hair a maximum of twice a week. With a sulfate-free shampoo that has a high concentration of moisture.

Oily hair can be washed every day. Best with a mild shampoo that contains no conditioning agents, silicones, oils or pearlescing agents.

Normal hair should only be washed as often as absolutely necessary. With a shampoo that has few moisturizing ingredients (that’s what the hair has itself).

Do not wash greasy hair daily. If you are feeling unwell, use a dry shampoo instead .

Use too much shampoo

It is important that you use a shampoo that fits your hair perfectly. If you have found that (you can recommend a shampoo from the barber), you may shampoo twice. Often, however, it is enough to make hair supple with only a conditioner without using shampoo. It depends on your hair type – just find out what works best for you.

The tips shampoo

The hair tips always dry out the fastest. Therefore, you should only lather the upper headboard and let the care flow down into the tips. This will help you avoid split ends and the tips will look better for longer.

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