Healthy, shiny hair needs proper care. This usually begins when you wash your hair and choosing the right shampoo. These are the most common mistakes when using shampoo.

1. You wash your hair in the wrong order

The classic procedure when washing your hair: first shampoo, then conditioner. But there is a new trend that says to use the conditioner first. How so? Very fine hair is often unnecessarily weighted by the conditioner. The “reverse washing”, the hair is indeed supplied with moisture, but by shampooing of excess care products removed. Leave the conditioner on for a short time and then wash with shampoo.

2. They use too much shampoo

Three teaspoons of shampoo are ideal for thoroughly washing your hair regardless of hair length. Too much shampoo can leave hair residue that can damage your hair and make the scalp oily.

3. You do not dilute the shampoo

It is always better to dilute that shampoo with some water before you put it in your hair. This prevents you from using too much shampoo and protects your hair from the chemicals contained in the shampoo.

4. You neglect your scalp

Most people focus more on hair tips while shampooing, forgetting to cleanse their scalp as well. As a result, the tips dry out and the scalp feels oily and dirty.

5. You wash your hair too fast

After shampooing your hair, it is recommended to massage the scalp for a few minutes and leave the shampoo on for at least three minutes. The faster you rinse your hair, the less effective it is to wash your hair.

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