He keeps haunting your mind and you can not stop thinking about him.

He may be your ex-boyfriend, someone you’ve met recently, or someone you’ve only recently known who has made a big impact on you, and you keep thinking about what might have happened if you had one Had chance.

Whatever the reason, the end result is the same-you just can not stop thinking about it.

If he’s your ex, you’re probably thinking over your past over and over again.

You think about every moment you have spent with him. You remember the good times and avoid thinking about the bad ones.

You wonder how it got that far. Why did he change so much? If the relationship was toxic, then some things still hurt you and the pain that you had to endure still does not leave you alone.

If he is someone you’ve just met, someone you consider to be a possibility that has never come true, or someone who has made a big impact on you, but you both could not come together for some reason, then you will you’re always thinking of him, no matter what time it is, and no matter how many times you say it makes no sense to think about him.

It’s hard to make peace with the fact that sometimes it just should not have been, so you keep thinking about the different “what if” possibilities: “What if I had done something else to make him more interested or what would have happened if just the timing was wrong? “and similar thoughts.

No matter what the scenario that is going on in your head, in the end, it’s simply about living in the past, thinking about a potential or past relationship.

Such thoughts keep you from living in the present. The more you stop thinking about it, the less you get that person out of your head.

Most of us have experienced both situations in which you are unsure whether you are really in love with a person or if you are not just getting into something. Both situations are not so easy to master.

So here are some surefire techniques that you can use to banish your thoughts and slowly but surely not remember them.

1. Stop trying

The more you try to stop thinking about it, the more impossible it becomes. Because when you try to stop it, you only think about it more.

It’s just like when someone tells you not to think about chocolate cake anymore and what are you thinking about all the time? Of course, on chocolate cake.

It is simply in the nature of man that we instinctively want to have the things we can not have.

The thoughts are exactly the same. The more we try to avoid it, the less we can.

The best we can do in such a case is to focus on something else and think of something else-think about yourself or about your future and then new and great ideas will determine your thoughts.

2. Avoid looking for him in social media

Social media has many advantages, but if you try to get someone out of your head, they are not helpful.

You catch yourself walking on a person’s Facebook profile and using your detective skills to find out where she is, what she’s up to, or if she’s met someone.

This only makes things worse. Resist the urge to enter his name in the search bar. That’s hard at first, but you’ll get used to it. Believe me, the less you know about him, the better.

3. Live your life

That’s the best cure for everything. By focusing your attention on him, there’s a high chance that you’ll get your life back on track. If this is the worst-case scenario, then I say “let’s go”.

Imagine how much better and more productive your life would be if you spent all your time wasting time thinking about yourself. You can do miracles-you just have to get started and take charge of your life.

4. Do not talk about him anymore

When every conversation with your best friend revolves around you, you’re in big trouble. You are obsessed with him and make it so much harder for you to stop thinking about him.

So for your sake, and for the sake of your friend’s will, the next time you talk about him, say, “You know, we’ve talked about him so much that it makes no sense anymore.

Let’s talk about us and what we could do over the weekend. ” You will feel much better because you have taken a big step forward and a weekend with your best friend will do you good.

5. Create new memories

Find something that will help you focus your thoughts on something other than him. Like a new hobby, a new work project, a course, or a volunteer job, just something productive that employs your hands and mind.

Travel, meet new people and spend time with your friends and family. Every step you take is a step forward. Explore the world around you. Create stories for yourself that will accompany you for a lifetime.

Do not just sit around and complain about your life. You are better than that and you absolutely need a life full of new adventures.


6. Reinvent yourself and your life

There is no better time to start over when you finish something. So do not stay too long in the past. Think about the here and now. What can you do to make every moment of your life count? Think of all the things you can do and what you want to do in the future.

You can be the person you would like to be and do everything with your life what you want, if you decide to do it and continue despite all the difficulties.

The only person standing in your way is you. Once you decide to put your thoughts into action, you will be able to.

7. Stay away from negative persons

Such people who always want to talk about a person you want to forget: “You poor! How could he do this to you? “Or” Maybe it’s up to you? “. Such people do not help you, but they only make your pain bigger.

It will be so much harder not to think about him anymore if you have to listen to the negative sides of your situation all the time.

These people probably can not help it, they are just like that. Avoid addressing critical issues or avoid spending time with them, at least until you find your former self again.

You need positivity in your life right now and someone who supports you and no one who pulls you down.

8. Be aware that he is far from perfect

If we miss someone or ask ourselves how things went with our near-love, we tend to idealize the person or moments we have shared with her. We make them perfect, flawless creatures, even though they are far from that.

We need to pause briefly in such a situation and see things as they really are. We can not allow our feelings to falsify our point of view.

Usually there are more negative than positive sides. And when it comes to a person we’ve just met, that person naturally seems perfect to us.

We do not know her yet and that’s why we think that this man is the perfect man we would like to have in our lives. But that is not the case.

9. Stop looking for excuses

We always want to get to the bottom of things. We think that if we find the right reason to break a relationship, why it did not work, why some people who would be a perfect fit do not end up with some kind of aha effect find together why we were treated badly etc.

But the questions do not end and nobody can answer them.

That’s why we look for answers in ourselves and keep thinking about past scenarios and trying to figure out from which moment everything went wrong.

We interpret too much into situations, divide them into equal parts and analyze them even more deeply. Basically, that does not mean anything to us.

When you put everything together, sometimes we feel better if we do not know the answer. We think we’ll feel better when we have a degree, but that’s usually not true.

We have to make peace with it, which is why we feel better if we do not know it. Some things are better left unclear. There is no answer that would be sufficient and that would satisfy us. That’s why it’s idle to think about it.

10. Forgive

That goes for everything in life. If you hold on to a grudge, if you know the name of a person responsible for your sadness, then you allow that grudge to gain power over you. This will continue until this grudge takes away the best of you.

Thoughts of this person make you sad, angry, or disappointed, but you just can not stop thinking about that person because you are not able to forgive her.

If you continue to cling to this grudge, then you allow that person to be part of your life because it is part of your thoughts. Always forgive the people who have wronged you. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Let them go. Let the karma do the dirty work for you. If the person really played you bad, then she’ll get it back, even if you do not want her anything bad.

Everyone sooner or later receives the receipt for their actions and that is not in your hands.

11. Stick to the no-lead contact rule

I’ve already written about the 90-day no-contact rule that you can apply when recovering from a breakup. Basically, this means that you should have no contact with this person for 30 to 90 days.

This will help you recover and it’s also the easiest way to get someone out of your head. The less you see or hear about a person in the meantime, the less you think about her.

If you can not stop thinking about a person, then no contact is best. I really recommend this to you, because I have tried it myself. It worked for me and for many of my friends too.

This method gives you a whole new view of a person you unfortunately fell in love with unhappily. The method gives you a new perspective on your personal life and your love life. And the most important thing is that the method gives you a chance to rediscover yourself and start over.

I’m sure most of you will find some or all of the things I listed above helpful.

Remember that you have to be lenient with yourself. It takes time to be indifferent to things. Surely you will have phases in which you over-analyze everything and stifle your frustration in cookies, chocolate and ice cream, have no desire and watch all the consequences of your favorite series.

Of course you will sometimes cry your eyes out of your head. Let it shut. It is sometimes good to take the burden off your heart and remove the blindfold from your eyes, which keeps you from recognizing who it really is.

But do not let this phase last forever. You will feel it when it is enough and it will not do you any good to wallow in self-pity. It will only make you keep focusing on the problem instead of getting over it. Leave everything behind to keep you back.

If you’re in the second scenario and can not stop thinking about someone you’ve recently met or recently known, remember that there’s no real reason for you going through a period of mourning ,

Nothing has happened that could guarantee you that the man you are constantly thinking about might be the right one.

You’ve probably gotten yourself into a secret, which brings with it the yearning for a stranger.

You idealize him and imagine in your mind how great it could be if you only got one chance. This is normal, especially if you have been in the wrong relationship with a wrong person and you have recognized the potential of the strange man.

He is something new and fresh.

He probably has qualities that your ex does not have or he has something that you expect from your dream man. You may even have felt the strong chemistry between you two, but you have to be realistic and realize that just because something looks theoretically good does not mean that it works well in real life.

In any case, things work in this article and you may be able to stop thinking about it.

If you’re serious about getting someone out of your head, then you can do it.

And that’s not going to happen just by telling yourself to stop thinking about it, but because you’ve adjusted your focus to yourself and to things that interest you.

Focusing on your life means that if you banish it from your head, it will have so many benefits for you. As you work on yourself, you reduce its meaning in your life. You think less and less about him every day.

One day, which will come very soon, you will wake up and be proud of the person you have become. And that’s because you’ve reoriented your focus correctly.

Do not be a woman who reserves space in her mind for people who are not worth it.

That’s just a waste of time. Throw these people out, because they do not contribute to your development and it will not make you happy to think about these people.

Be a woman who first and foremost thinks of herself and her own happiness.

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