Once you realize that you are in a toxic relationship, it is extremely difficult to get out of it. Either you lack the courage or you are afraid for your life.

Either way, this message goes to all the women out there who are struggling to find the courage to leave their toxic partner.

Many of us may say, “It’s not that hard. It’s easy-he abuses you emotionally or physically and you’re dying. As simple as that”. But reality is much more complicated.

No one who has never been in a toxic relationship can understand how hard it is to break free.

Most women are not even aware that they are emotionally abused. They have been in such a relationship for so long that they forget that there is another, better way.

They have forgotten that they deserve to be treated with respect. They deserve to be treated like human beings .

It’s easy to talk about getting rid of a toxic relationship. But it is something else to do that too.

If you are suffering in secret and fighting the pain that causes your toxic relationship in you, remember that you are not alone. You are not weak because you can not escape. It is difficult. I know that and I understand it.

Forget all the fears he causes in you and find the strength to leave him – because you can!

1. Strong jealousy

His jealousy results from his uncertainties. If he were happy with himself, then he would not be jealous of everything you do. He’s jealous of your friends and he’s even more jealous of you, of your dreams and your accomplishments, because he does not have any.

He’s jealous of you for being better than him, but he makes you think you’re worthless. This is the strongest weapon of a toxic partner.

2. Quarrels are fast

Quarrels are part of a normal relationship, but in an emotionally toxic relationship these quarrels become part of everyday life. They tend to emerge from nowhere.
They come out of the blue. In the beginning they are small and meaningless and in the end they have developed into massive and, more importantly, endless strife.

But watch out-there’s no alarm when a normal conversation escalates into a huge fight that can lead to physical violence.

3. You feel uncomfortable in his presence


You are always afraid that you are saying or doing something that causes something in him. You run on eggshells in his presence just to make sure you do not upset him.

Relationships and love should not be like this. What you experience there is neither love nor a healthy relationship. You should feel safe and not scared near your partner.

4. He constantly criticizes you

Nothing you do or do is good enough. You even try to please him because you are afraid that he will hurt you or because you think he might change. Nothing is good enough for him.

He will always find the mistake with you. Not because you did one, but because he wants you to do one to ‘justify’ his actions.

5. You try to make him happy

You are constantly trying to make him happy at all costs. You pretend that you are fine if you try to avoid everything that makes him angry.

You laugh at jokes that you do not find funny just to keep everything nice and quiet.

You set all the levers to be lenient with him, so you can be sure he will not freak out. You realize that you are desperately looking for happiness and that you are holding your tongue when you are angry or dissatisfied.

6. You can not escape

You feel like you’re in jail, and the only person holding the key to your freedom is your partner. He is the one who controls all aspects of your life and makes sure you can not escape.

If you feel trapped, find the courage and just go.

Because of the emotional hell you are living through, you begin to think that you are the problem.

You start to believe that you do not deserve better.

Do not be stupid! Do not let him make you believe that.

Nobody deserves that and you do not.

You are a wonderful person who deserves someone who loves you and respects you. No more and no less.

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