Summer means bare feet. And bare feet means blisters and cracks. Protect your feet from bumps and blisters in 3 simple steps!


Summer is the sneaky death of your feet: wearing flip flops or sandals or sandals, walking barefoot on sand and pebbles, soaking them in sea salt for hours and letting them suffer under the hot sun without sunscreen. This results in dehydration, heel cracks, hardening and blisters in the area of ​​the feet. Protect your feet from bumps and blisters in the summer with these 3 simple steps to keep them gentle until your next pedicure.

Step 1: Soak them

The skin of your feet to protect against stress and friction increases the number of keratinized cells. This results in the surface layer being hardened and, when not properly hydrated, broken. In addition, this phenomenon is usually the result of a combination of dehydrated skin and flat shoes such as sandals and flip-flops that exert pressure on the foot. Take a warm bath with bath salts for 10-15 in warm water daily, after the beach. It’s the perfect way to take care of them.

Step 2: Exfoliate them

Scrub them in gentle circular motions with a pumice stone, rasp or some special electrical device. Complete by exfoliating your feet with a body exfoliating product removing dead cells from the skin surface. After exfoliating , apply a foot cream with urea on your feet . Urea is an active moisturizing agent that saves the skin from dryness and deeply moisturizes it with keratolytic (exfoliating) action, “locks” the protective barrier of the skin and prevents water loss.

Step 3: Apply daily foot cream

Frequent application of foot creamIt is extremely important for healthy and beautiful legs. Well-groomed skin is not only softer and more beautiful, but also more resistant to abrasion, pressure and fungi. The ideal foot cream is one that spreads easily without the need for a massage, absorbs quickly, without feeling sticky and leaves no oiliness on your soles, which makes them slip. Lastly, one that hydrates deeply and lasts. Look for foot creams containing nutrients and butter of vegetable origin (carrot butter, argan oil, jojoba, olive oil, etc.) to remedy its deficiency in lipids, or with moisturizing ingredients of synthetic origin, ceramides, glycerol, etc., which will prevent moisture loss and enhance the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

At the end put on socks for feet care with an inner layer of lavender moisturizing gel and a scent of a mixture of essential oils. Rejuvenate, moisturize and re-dry the skin, focusing on the areas that show hardness, leaving them soft. Use them every ten days or more often if needed. Wear Dr. Organic Lavender Oil Moisturizing Gel Socks Socks Organic for 20 minutes and enjoyed the moisturizing and aromatic properties of lavender.

The points that almost everyone forgets? The legs! Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the trunk and under the soles while sunbathing . Moisturize and protect them from the sun.

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