Happy ending after a long dispute

A broken deal would have spared Spider-Man almost out of the Avengers universe. But fans called for resistance – and saved their hero.

A spiderman at the premiere of the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in New York.

Spider-Man will continue to star in the cinema with the other superheroes of the Marvel Universe. After long disputes, Disney and Sony agreed on a new contract, as the two media companies announced in a joint statement. On July 21, 2021, a new movie is due to hit the cinemas, it will be the third of the “Homecoming” series with Tom Holland in the lead role. The predecessor “Spider-Man: Far From Home” , which launched this July, is one of the most successful works of the Marvel series. So far, he played 1.13 billion dollars worldwide.

Continuation of a success story

But in August, a deal between Disney and Sony had burst. The fans were dismayed, in the net was called under the hashtag #SaveSpiderMan resistance. He had just had to endure the death of his mentor, Iron Man, in Endgame. Now, Peter Parker, a special-minded teenager, was waiting for the great adventure of being shut out of the Avengers universe. Blame for the dispute over the juvenile World Saver, whose motto is ” From great power follows great responsibility,” was the complicated licensing situation. When Disney acquired the Marvel studio for $ 4 billion in 2009, the rights to Spider-Man remained with Sony.

Power and responsibility

“I’m thrilled to continue Spidey’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” said Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige. “Spider-Man is a hero whose story appeals to all ages and audiences around the world.” However, the future may still have surprises in store as Sony continues to develop the character. Tom Holland commented on the happy ending of the negotiations by posting an excerpt from the film “The Wolf of Wallstreet” on Instagram .

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