We have prepared the list of the benefits of summer vacation. Here are 15 good reasons to take your summer leave now and boost your health, relationships and work!


# 1 Make You Fit
Holidays offer opportunities for movement. Swimming, rackets, walking or dancing stimulate your body, improve your fitness and benefit your cardiovascular system. Make the most of your opportunity to work out alternatively.

# 2 Reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stress
Even in just one day you can reduce your stress hormones and lower your blood pressure. So imagine in a week what will happen! Stress increases the risk of adrenal dysfunction by contributing to the appearance of irritable bowel syndrome. Vacationing reduces the stress and symptoms of the syndrome.

# 3 They Help You Lose Weight
On vacation most people gain weight but if fat accumulates in your abdomen due to stress holidays can help you reduce it. Villages where you increase your physical activity during the holidays and this helps you feel better.

# 4 Strengthen Your Immune
By reducing stress you will be able to cope better with viruses or get less sick over time.

# 5 Stimulate Your Heart
A study by the Framingham Heart Study has shown that women who get at least twice a year leave are eight times less likely to get heart disease. A study of men who were at increased risk for coronary heart disease showed that those who did not go on vacation were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack than those who normally received their leave.

# 6 Strengthen Family Ties
Researchers at Purdue University have reported the positive impact that runaways have on families. And this is because it helps families connect and get closer and more intimate by improving relationships and communication between them. This even lasts long after the holidays.

# 7 Make You Smarter at Work
Getting the job off is the best thing you can do, because it recharges your batteries and returns to the office more powerful than ever. Holidays can really renew you professionally especially if you completely disconnect from the electronic devices, increase your profitability and help you make the right decisions. That’s because stress affects the decision-making process, according to research done by the US National Institutes of Health. Far from the stresses of the day, you can make more careful decisions at work and handle your work problems better.

# 8 They Help You Sleep Like a Bird
On vacation you relax and disconnect from your tablet and they both contribute to a better sleep. According to research, the quality of sleep for those who have been vacationing for two weeks has improved by 17% compared to before.

9 Get Your Pain
If you have migraine headaches, frequent headaches and other stress-related pain, such as cervical syndrome, they recede during the summer holidays.

# 10 Make You Happier
A study from Wisconsin showed lower levels of stress and depression in women who were licensed more often (once or twice a year) than those who were licensed less often.

# 11 Contribute to Your Creativity
The best ideas come when you are relaxed. Those who work in creative jobs need to renew their brain cells. Holidays lead to relaxation, giving you the opportunity to think of innovative ideas for your job.

# 12 Reduce the Risk of Diabetes A
British study showed that those who took breaks for 15 days experienced a marked decrease in blood glucose levels, thereby reducing their risk of diabetes. At the same time, energy levels increased, which were maintained for at least two weeks.

# 13 They Reinvent You
According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, the lack of breaks enhances aging as it increases cortisol, the stress hormone.

# 14 Doing Good for Children
Holidays are very important for children because they leave town and come into contact with nature. This is a powerful antidote to allergies. Let the kids play and get dirty on the holidays. Laundry put on when you return.

# 15 Finding You
If you are in a relationship, on vacation you can renew your relationship but if you are alone you will make new acquaintances – unless you are on a holiday in Mount Athos. Remember that we are more liberated on the holidays and everything gets easier …

Happy Holidays!

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