In good and in bad times. But what if only bad times are in sight? After all these years, you know every facet of your husband – even the most unpleasant ones.We give you tips on how you can possibly save your marriage.

Between stress and everyday life, time for two often falls by the wayside. In your eyes you take care of everything and keep the wheels moving. With so much pressure on your shoulders, it’s easy to screw up trifles – if only your husband forgot to turn on the washer. 

Make it clear: After so many years of marriage, no sheet remains completely blank. Of course, one is no longer as in love as on the first day, which does not mean that the most valuable asset – trust – has completely disappeared. 

A man needs his freedom

Do you often feel like you would like to shoot your husband “to the moon” in certain situations? You ensure that the food is on time on the table, papers arranged and bills are paid? You goddess spends his time with friends, in the gym or in front of the TV? Evening is said good night, with at most a half-hearted kiss for you jump out? These points do not sound like a storybook marriage. Do not worry, it does not have to be up to you – a marriage crisis occurs even in the best families.

The reasons are often closer than you think: Maybe your husband is frustrated because he is unemployed, feels hurt in his masculinity and misses out on you. Maybe he feels misunderstood or does not dare to discuss certain issues with you for fear you would judge him.

Talk to your husband , but do not provoke him and try to speak objectively and calmly. Leave the old chimneys aside and remember: What has happened in the past can not be undone anyway. Despite the relationship, you should give him a sense of freedom and not leash your husband. He is – despite all the things that have happened – an independent person who needs his freedom. Narrow it down, bite on granite.


Talk to your husband and try to speak objectively and calmly

Laugh, live and thank you for little things!

You are not happy when you come home? The constant quarrels are exhausting and tugging at the nerves. A family pastor or marriage counselor can be the right way here. Do not be afraid of it. Maybe this will save precious years of marriage.

It is important, whether with or without a consultant, to pay attention to the almost self-evident things: Maybe you do not notice that your husband is the one who brings out the trash every morning, or makes sure that the lawn is mowed , Give him a smile and thank you for the little things.

If something more serious, such as an affair, the decision is up to you. You have to weigh whether you can forgive your husband. If so, you must first process the disappointment and anger before you can reasonably work on your marriage. The most important thing is: communication and no secrets! Only when both sides are sincere and honest can trust be rebuilt and thus forgiven each other.

Think of your marriage vows, the reasons why you married your husband and remember the goal of returning to the happy moments soon. Remember, you can not do it alone, there are always two.


Think of the reasons why you married your husband.Simple..!

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