Best friends are just worth gold. 

Who needs a guy, if you can have much more fun with your best friend , she always has an open ear and always keeps to one ?! Of course, you can not compare the two , because you experience different moments with each other, but real girl power is simply unique!

Just as in love, some zodiac signs fit better in friendship than others. 

We have looked into the stars and found out for you which zodiac signs are made for an eternal friendship:

Aries and Capricorn 

Aries are  adventurous, spontaneous and strong-willed. This complements great with the more structured Capricorn, but also as ambitious. Even if the ram fights around a bit and looks for a fight , the ibex stays cool, calm and manages to turn the mood back into positive.

Virgo and cancer

Virgo and Cancer have many character coincidences. Both are intelligent, modest and neat and understand each other almost blind. Only and alone could it come to dispute, if both want to be right again and no one is willing to agree to the other. However, both know 100 percent that they can always rely on each other. And that’s what counts ?!

Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius is a very  sociable zodiac that never gets boring. Always on the lookout for new experiences, he wins the twin for himself. He is flexible and adaptable and enjoys the common enterprising spirit.

Leo and Scorpion

Roaar! The lion is, like a lion, daring and protective in a charming way. The scorpion is as fearless and determined, but rather the quieter part in the friendship. Except for little jealousies, the friendship runs smoothly.

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