There are flirting rules that can help any man who wants to flirt effectively and successfully, but today we will talk about flirting rules for introverts.

And the reason is very simple:

Many introverts believe that flirting is not for them, as they find it extremely difficult to open up and feel relaxed with a woman. Also, some people believe that flirting needs to be extremely social and extroverted in order to get results.

However, by reading today’s article you will understand that none of them apply.

Flirting is for everyone. Or rather, it’s not for everyone.

It’s for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest.

It’s for those who want to claim what they deserve.

And it’s for those who have more will than ability.

Flirting has no limitations, such as introversion and extroversion. Because all the skills, you know, are built.

It is the will that makes the difference.


What Is Introversion

Introversion is the tendency of the individual to focus on himself rather than on others and the outside world.

Most of all, it tends to ‘charge’ its batteries more by devoting time to self rather than to other people.

On the contrary, extroversion is the tendency of one to derive satisfaction and “charge” their batteries by associating with other people and externalizing their emotions.

An introverted person does not necessarily mean that he is not social. Sociality is the ability of a person to have comfort and adaptability in their relationships with others, as well as their tendency to live within an organized social whole.

By this logic, an introverted person may be social. He may not comfortably express his feelings to any person he knows or would prefer to spend more time with himself, but he may be comfortable with the relationships he has chosen to have in his life.

At the moment, these findings are extremely important to you reading these lines.

You have to understand that a person’s introversion or extroversion is a tendency and does not determine how he or she will behave or what results in a field.

There are many introverts who are successful in flirting, in business or in virtually any area of ​​their lives. Similarly there are many extroverted individuals who are equally successful.

If you are introverted, you need to have space and time for yourself. While you may not like being the focus of attention and the world, you enjoy the good company and in-depth discussions that have some meaningful meaning.

You are a loyal friend and you are very likely to have an artistic inclination and ability. Most likely, people around you appreciate, respect and seek your advice.

And none of this naturally prevents you from flirting.

If you are an introvert and you are reading this article, then here are some effective flirting rules that will help you to claim dignity for what you deserve and to overcome any fears and insecurities.

You won’t find any women’s and magic steps here. Instead, you’ll discover by reading a handy guide on how you can adopt a way of thinking that will bring you one step closer to what you set as goals in the erotic field.


# 1. It is a Subject of Self-Esteem in Flirting and Not Introversion

Basically, whether to approach a woman courageously or to stay staring is a matter of self-esteem, not introversion.

In my experience, hanging on to someone and not flirting or reaching out to women they like has nothing to do with whether they are introverted or extroverted, social or not.

Both inbound and outbound face the same issues in flirting, which have to do with their self-esteem and their will.

If you believe that you are a Man of Value and that you deserve to have this woman next to you, you will find that it is very simple to find a way to approach and talk to her.

Introversion just makes you a little more closed and you might think about it a little bit more before you take the initiative and go talk to a woman who is available.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the capacity to flirt.

Therefore, there is no reason to feel disadvantaged about something. You have the same abilities in flirting as any other guy. And you will find your footsteps. The point is to realize that you are worthy and to claim the best for you.


# 2. He realized that it is not bad to be inward

Some inbound people feel that being inbound is a bad thing. That they have a disadvantage over extroverts.

This is a belief that certainly prevents you from flirting successfully. You will gradually begin to realize that the only thing keeping you from succeeding in flirting is yourself and the belief that you are behind something.

I’ll reveal a secret to you: I’m an introvert, too. And that’s one reason I’m writing this article as well.

Being introverted, I too was convinced that I was lagging somewhere. I almost always believed two things:

a) Flirting is not for me.

b) I can’t flirt as well as an extrovert would.

However, I began to realize that the fact that I am introverted in some cases is an advantage because of my nature and the way I relate to people.

Therefore, the second rule of flirting for introverts is to get out of your mind the thought that you are lagging somewhere.

Everyone can successfully flirt. Turn introversion into a weapon and you will see incredible results in the erotic field.


# 3. Take the First Step

The third and perhaps the most basic rule of all is: Take the first step.

What I mean;

As introverts, we tend to over-analyze everything.

Usually, before analyzing every possible scenario thoroughly and finally paralyzing my thoughts, I made no move.

And of course it was then that my self-esteem fell.

So instead of thinking about every possible scenario and analyzing in your mind every move and discussion you might have with her, just go talk to her.

It doesn’t matter what you say, because if you don’t even take the step to talk to her you won’t say anything!

The most sensible, then, is to see a woman you like, to approach her.

“He has the faith to climb the first step. You don’t have to see the whole ladder, just go up the first ladder! ‘” Says Martin Luther King.

The first step is the same for everyone. Either they are introverted or introverted.

Whatever you think, it all starts with this first step.


# 4. Practice Speaking to Women Without Flirting

The fourth rule of flirting for introverts is to start talking to all women, whether you find them friendly or romantic .

Practice is what will help you overcome your fears and realize that the first rule is: It’s about your own self-esteem, not introversion.

Once you start talking to each woman friendly you are more likely to start relaxing more generally and gain the ability to speak with more comfort and courage to the women you see in love.

Those students of Men Of Style who have applied this rule have made incredible progress in love and flirting in a fairly short period of time.


Because they gradually realize that it’s normal to talk comfortably with any woman you know.

From a “Good morning” and a “Hello, what are you doing” to a woman you met starts it all.

This is one of the most immediate and effective ways to practice and develop your communication skills and begin to feel confident and self-esteem.

And that will lead you to rule # 5.

# 5. Everyone Can Become Successful in Flirting

The top rule to keep in mind is that everyone can become successful.

Once you start applying the above four rules, you will realize that success is not about being inward or outward, but about your will and your belief in yourself.

It is more a matter of willpower and confidence than anything else.

The most important thing, then, is to remember that everyone can become successful in flirting.

In most cases, the obstacles to succeed in flirting are with ourselves.

So every time you see a woman you like, remember this rule: Everyone can succeed in flirting.

And then, just take the first step.


By closing this article, I hope you have realized two basic truths:

(a) Inbound flirting rules are about the same as inbound flirting rules.


Because whether you are introverted or extroverted, you are missing out on something. The point is to get over the belief that you have a “theme” and realize that we can all develop the same skills and abilities.

b) Flirting is for everyone.

We are only putting obstacles in ourselves and we believe that we cannot successfully flirt.

And this is not about introversion or extroversion, but about the faith we have in ourselves.

It all starts with us.

And the flirting is simple, enjoyable, and it’s for ALL.

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