Perhaps this is not the most traditional way to better know the obvious and hidden character traits of your boss. However, to read about them and try to take into account in work processes for the benefit of the overall result or personal advancement – why not?


They often seem to be impartial observers, but this is not so at all. Aries very accurately notice everything to the smallest detail and, when it comes to “debriefing,” they evaluate any project in detail and with arguments. And they will report about mistakes and achievements exactly in the forehead.

Try to always be included in the discussion of tactics and strategies in each specific situation – but then correspond to the stated. Aries strengths: directness, observation and honesty. The weak – some egocentrism and straightforwardness, there is no need to talk about diplomacy.


These are solid, reliable and emotionally stable people. You can safely rely on them in any workflow, they endure chaos in any form very poorly, so they will make every effort to get rid of it as soon as possible. The interests of the whole team for Taurus are usually in the first place – this is a charismatic and bright leader.

Such bosses do not work very well in multitasking conditions, so it is best to ask them questions in turn and gradually: if a careful Taurus makes a decision, it will be extremely difficult to convince him to do otherwise, so you should not try.


Own and company bosses. They really like to talk and share their often very original ideas on any occasion, so it’s very good to discuss any working points with them. The twins will gladly consider your ideas from all sides and add a few of their own.

The main characteristics of this sign are a very sharp mind and endless sincere curiosity, so you won’t be able to hide the details, even if you don’t know about it. Be careful not to fall out of favor with such a boss – in this case he will make enough effort to use the information collected against you.


Such a boss will make every effort so that his team – regardless of size – feel completely safe. Crayfish are very patient and calm when they are not pulled over the little things and allowed to concentrate, able to find a way out even of the most difficult situation. Usually they are quite sensitive to the problems of others and try to help whenever possible, even if it comes to sensitive issues.

Crayfish very intuitively feel the deep and hidden processes of what is happening, they are able to approach tasks creatively, but do not try to put pressure on them or rush them – in this case, the conversation can end very quickly and all decisions will be made unilaterally.


Kings of animals tend to surround themselves with outstanding and vivid personalities, but you do not need to become more brilliant than your boss – or quickly go to the category of good friends, but former colleagues. They simply do not notice shy and indecisive employees, so you need not to hide your strengths and get more involved in the processes.

Often, Lions choose their favorites and favorites among employees – but it is they who most likely will feel the anger and even aggression on themselves, which fall upon the whole team in case of problems and failures. In general, these are very generous bosses, prone to wide spectacular gestures and unexpected bonuses.


This is a sign of practicality, order and punctuality. Starting to work even on the simplest projects, Virgo calculate all the possible options even before the start, and they often require the same from subordinates and colleagues. If you do not know how to plan and analyze, you will not have to be too simple – apart from logic and facts, they will not recognize any arguments, and they will just silently return your report or plan with a short wish: “redo”. Representatives of this sign is quite difficult to get rid of.

If painstakingness and attention are your strengths, you will very quickly find a common language and common interests with your boss. Or you have to learn: Virgo simply will not waste time explaining the obvious things, so that a feeling of some kind of coolness on the part of the leader may arise.


Often their energies are quite difficult to resist: they are able to ignite even the most fantastic ideas of anyone and make the team voluntarily decide to work in emergency mode, even on weekends or holidays. Scales very poorly tolerate the atmosphere of conflicts and are able to find an approach to any employee: everyone knows that you can break into their office at any time and with any idea – and with good probability you will be listened attentively at least.

It is often very comfortable and easy to work in such a team, but in difficult moments Libra bosses may be hesitant: Libra often chooses not to do anything at all until the problem disappears on its own or the solution comes up by itself. Sometimes Libra can demonstrate excessive perfectionism, which adds work to subordinates, and they quickly begin to get bored, hearing trivialities or observing vulgarity.


At first, it may seem that such a leader is not visible and almost inaudible: he rarely comments, sparingly gives orders and almost does not interfere in work processes. But this impermeability can turn into an unexpected, accurate and very painful blow if the subordinates made too many mistakes.

It is important to adhere to the master plan voiced by the boss, because he will give firewood if you allow liberties and oversights, and then he orders to remodel as soon as possible exactly as he said initially – or write a letter of resignation.


The bosses are very loyal – they are happy to delegate authority and freedom of decision-making, but responsibility will have to be borne by the one who volunteered and took the initiative. In work, they are quite pleasant and sweet, try to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the team, but often behind this is some kind of disorganization and inconstancy of the boss himself.

If you feel that you are capable of taking on a large piece of work, take it boldly, no one will pester you with comments or reproaches, even some mistakes will be favorably received. But try to fix all the agreements in writing, because after some time you may be surprised to find that your boss forgot half and the other half managed to change his mind differently.


These are real workaholics: they are the last to leave the office, they hate indecision, they never put things off until tomorrow and they instantly make decisions or give answers to questions. They often require the same from others and subordinates, so it is better to prepare for a meeting with the Capricorn boss in advance and carefully.

Capricorns are able to motivate the team, usually they have, if not Napoleonic, then quite ambitious plans that are often implemented. Such a boss will help you make the best use of your best skills and abilities, but if they are not known to you yourself, it’s better not to catch the eye of the boss once again and do everything quickly and accurately according to plan.


Perhaps the most non-standard boss of all possible: Aquarius has rather specific ideas about everything in the world, so working under his leadership is at least not boring. Sometimes they find themselves unable to accept other people’s ideas and arguments against their own brilliant plans, so you need to carefully enter into disputes with such leaders, it is better to show flexibility and diplomacy.

In general, Aquarians are quite inventive, they have a sense of justice, they are willing to make contact with subordinates, but sometimes they can quickly lose their temper – at such moments it is best to just leave them alone and let them calm down, then we can continue the discussion.


They are very emotional and responsive, always ready to listen to problems – workers and personal – and will gladly help with advice or deed. Often they tend to idealize people and situations, because of which they can then be very upset if people or a situation do not live up to their expectations.

Kindness and openness of Pisces can bribe almost any person – but sometimes be prepared for the fact that you suddenly find yourself doing your own work and even the work of a colleague, or even two. Most often, this does not happen because the Pisces boss is eager to hang on to more of someone else’s tasks – they just sometimes have some absent-mindedness that can interfere with effective planning and sensible management of the team.

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