Did you go to a gym and feel your face back, red, pulling while it pulls some pimples? Everything is blamed for sweat, friction and heat! Sweating is a natural process of the body that regulates its temperature and one of the ways in which the skin removes impurities and “detoxifies”. However, it is very important to cleanse your skin from sweat because the pores open and can easily get dirt and bacteria and lead to pimples and redness. Read more: You can beat acne in an absolutely natural way. See who!

How to wash your face after a workout

1 Always wash your hands before and after training. Because the machines contain bacteria, hold your hands away from your face.

2 Use a gentle cleanser . Remove sweat, bacteria, toxins and oils that have accumulated on the surface of the skin, using a mild, washable rinse gel that is rinsed with water. Search for mild cleaning products such as  micellar waters , enriched with moisturizing ingredients and low pH, which do not dry the skin.

3 Avoid alcoholic toning (alcohol denat. SD), mint or witch hazel. Try an antibacterial cleanser with tea tree oil, a facial cleanser gel, or a soft emulsion.

4 Use lukewarm water. And finish with some cool (not cold) water. The cool water will close the pores, which expand to help in the release of sweat.

5 Do not rub your skin with the towel. Sometimes rubbing can cause irritation to the skin, especially if your face is red after exercise.

6 Do not dry your skin completely. Make swabs and leave it slightly fresh. In this way the skin retains its moisture and best receives a product.

7 Moisturize your skin. Sweating due to intense exercise results in fluid loss from the body. It is therefore necessary to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Hydrate with plenty of water and green juices containing ingredients such as cucumber, avocado and spinach. However, do not think that this is how your skin will also be moisturized. Only by applying a moisturizing cream will you restore moisture to normal levels. Keep in mind that intense exercise creates inflammation within the body and skin, and it’s good to use some moisturizing cream with anti-inflammatory properties to replenish hydration and reduce redness.

8 Choose a mild moisturizing composition enriched with soothing ingredients such as white tea, chamomile, panthenol, and so on. that will soothe your skin.

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