If someone asks what to do before we start exercising, the answer is easy and we all know it: warm up!

But if someone asks us what we do not have to do nutritionally, we are not 100% sure of what the right answer is.

Certainly there are many answers, but the most important ones are listed below.


1. Do not drink large amounts of water

Excessive water consumption before exercise can have very bad results. Our kidneys can process about one liter of water per hour, so if we drink more of this amount, we put ourselves at risk. A rare but very serious complication is to experience hyponatraemia, a condition in which the blood is diluted and sodium ion concentration is reduced too much.

Symptoms of hyponatraemia include reduced energy, muscle weakness and cramps, while they can severely include seizures and coma. Of course, this is very difficult to happen because it is not easy to consume so much water within an hour. It happens, though, and there are examples.

In any case, however, we need to be careful.

2. We should not consume hot and spicy foods

If we do not want to have backaches and heartburns during exercise, we must avoid hot and spicy dishes before training. We also do not have to train as long as we digest. During the exercise the body sends blood to the muscles. But the digestion process also requires blood in the stomach.

The result is that digestion can not be completed properly as we practice.


3. Of course we do not have to drink alcohol

Any amount of alcohol even several hours before the gym is not allowed. the alcohol can cause drowsiness, dehydration and narrowing of blood vessels.

In addition, even a glass of beer can lower blood sugar levels, which can be devastating during exercise, as it can lead to trembling, weakness and injuries. Do not risk it.

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