V*rgin Active gyms in London have created a list of exercises for every decade of your life to see if you’re in shape.

Even if you belong in the category of those who do not like to exercise, every age has some exercises that everyone should be able to do.

This list was created after a research conducted by the gym chain and found that 32 is the age the British are starting to exercise because they care about their health rather than their appearance. The survey involved 2,000 adults.

These are the exercises that should be able to do one in each decade of life in accordance with the creator of the program, Tim Wright.

Let’s go

At 20
 Run 5 km in 30 minutes. You can do 20 burpees continuously. Stay on board for a minute on each side.

At 30
 Run 1 mile (1.6 km) in less than 9 minutes. Stay in plank position for 45 seconds. Do deadlift with over 50% of your body.

At 40
 Run sprint for 60 seconds without stopping. Do 10 push ups without stopping. Touch your legs with stretched legs.

At 50 
 Run at a normal pace for 60 seconds without stopping. Do 5 consecutive burpees. Sit on the floor and cruciate your feet without using your hands and then get up.

At 60
 Do systematically more than 10,000 steps a day. Do 12 seats without stopping. Stroke your fingertips with a single hand over your shoulder along with the second behind your backside .

At 70 Walk 1 mile in less than 16 minutes. Climb 10 steps in less than 30 seconds with ease. Sit down and get out of a chair 12 times without using your hands.

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