To gain muscle -trained and power, it is actually quite easy when you start to train. “Your muscles go through a learning process, so that almost anything you do is trigger growth,” says Mike Boyle, a professor and trainer at Massachusetts University of Power and Physical Fitness.

As well as he continues to speak , “Your bones and muscles will ultimately regulate and also adjust to it , as a result training is required to be extrasmart to see both desired and visible results.

Undoubtedly, you will have experienced this experience, where no matter how hard you try, progress is not coming. If you want to make progress, at a steady pace, you have to raise the bar and “challenge” your muscles into new and innovative “streets” of fitness. A first good step, then, is to get rid of some common mistakes that you might not understand, affect your fitness program.

Mistake # 1

Do not exercise your feet!

For many people, and especially for men, the trainings they choose to do are very intense . “They focus mainly on the weights for their chest and arms,” ​​says Boyle. A sign of proper exercise is when the back of your body is trained. “Your biggest muscles are at the bottom of your body and their exercise has the ability to release hormones , which build up the size and shape the power anywhere in your body.”

Try this: Seats with deep viewing. Hold a bar opposite you to the top of your back, holding your palm down. Assuming you have a forward tilt position, place your left foot forward and your right foot back, and take a big step. Lower your body as much as you can and then slowly and slowly turn back to your original position. Make 10 reps, change leg and repeat. That was a set. For complete leg training it is proposed to complete three sets.


Mistake # 2

You run too much!

Finding countless miles running is not a waste of time, but it certainly does not offer you everything you think. This is because your body adapts very quickly to recurring motion, and here we are talking about running. “Running does not trigger fast-acting muscle fibers,” says Boyle, who are amazing liposolubles and help in “building” your body.

Try this: Intermittent training, that is, short “explosions” of intense activity followed by your short relaxation. For example, activate a 8% gradient and run for 30 seconds. Then stop and rest for 1 minute. Repeat 10 times. This type of training leads to benefits of aerobic and anaerobic performance, which are significantly greater than the exercise at a constant rate and pulse, according to a recent review in the Record of Potency as well as Health and fitness Analysis .


Wrong # 3

Lift the weights at a very slow pace!

Raising the weights with an … explosive pace leads quickly to benefits. The point ; “This encourages additional rapid-muscle muscular fibers , that take place with more eager to boost ,” Boyle says. “So, lift the weights with determination and fist.” Yet, you should also strengthen your heart rate, thus increasing the calories you burn.

Try this: Perform the rising phase of each exercise as quickly as possible. The actual speed of climbing does not matter. “As long as the movement remains explosive,” says Boyle, “your body will be getting fast-shrinking fibers.” Then take your time in order to lower your body as much as necessary, and let down the weights.


Mistake # 4

Stay … in your “comfort zone”!

Professional athletes do not base the success of their races on their strengths but also try to correct their weaknesses. That’s what you should do. “Doing exercises only, which are familiar to you and you are used to it, is just an evasion and excuse,” says Boyle.

Try this: Try to do more complex exercises, ie exercises aimed at multiple muscles . “Complex exercises are among the hardest you can do, but you can not really get benefits without them,” says Boyle. So, what is recommended is to have a conversation with your Trainer to see how you can reshape your workout schedule, adding complex exercises to work out even more efficiently and with a holistic approach.

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