You feel that you have found your other half, that he is the perfect man for you, that he has everything you want and much more that you did not dare to dream but he has a basic flaw: he is married … It is difficult to share your love with another you feel bad being the third person in a relationship but life … they did so you do not know how to handle it. Are you wondering what you really mean to him if he simply sees you as an extramarital adventure or does he seriously think to divorce to live your lovelessness uninterruptedly? The sign of each one reveals what he has in his mind and what is coming to come.

Learn what it means if your married partner is:



What’s easier for stormy and impulsive Aries to follow his libido and be seduced by short-marriages-adventures. It is very common for him. The fact that he falls in love and lightning and his impulsive nature is not the best … guarantee that he will remain faithful to his marriage. He will also be passionate with you and will show such excitement that he will make you believe he is capable of giving up everything for your sake and following you to the other end of the world. But as soon as his fire goes on, he fades so quickly and leaves for intense emotions … Will you find the love you’re looking for?


The stable and dedicated Taurus will not easily defeat his partner unless there is a good reason: he either does not draw any satisfaction at all or has serious problems with his marriage. He will not go on an extra-marital adventure without seriously considering the consequences. And when he finally does, what counts above all for him is the love pleasure he gets from the relationship. And, of course, as if it is good enough to be, it will also seek to make you feel … hang on to his relationship and give him all the treats … If you wait to divorce for you, you will probably wait a lot, because a Taurus will hardly she always does after a mature calculation … Will you find the love you’re looking for?


Gemini is one of the most untrustworthy signs. Concepts such as stability, faith, security do not exist in his vocabulary. The only thing he recognizes as his natural environment, where he feels he sails in familiar waters, is the constant change. She wants to fly like a bee from flower to flower and he likes to flirt angrily. The possibility of giving up your wife for your sake is very serious, but you have to prepare yourself and betray yourself too easily for someone else … The only way to keep it alive is never to do it to hit … Do you find the love you’re looking for?


If you have a relationship with a married Cancer, then you will have to get used to his clamor … He will try to convince you that he is living an intolerable everyday life with his wife making life … unloved. Cancer is constantly looking for confirmation, and when he does not take it, he views himself as the most punished person in existence. But he will, of course, not forget to make his complaints about his … a great deal that is damaging his life. In reality, however, there are many words …. Do not expect it to make the decisive step and split … Hardly a Cancer will leave its focus to pull on other ports … Will you find the love you’re looking for?


If you have the misfortune to keep in touch with a married Leo, then you are accustomed to being one of many … There is no way you can totally conquer his heart. A Leo always wants to feel the center of the universe and is surrounded by a bunch of … concubines. She always wants to have various women around him admiring him and hanging from his lips. And of course, a Leo will very hardly decide to leave his formal relationship to another woman. It attaches so much importance to its social status, which is ruled out to risk spoiling its image.


A Virgo is hardly going to do … in his marriage, not because he does not feel the need to confess to his partner, but because he does not want to risk anything. He is very cautious and difficult to escape beyond the limits he has set himself. He is always critical of both himself and those around him and tends to rationalize everything. In the same way she will also face the possibility of a relationship outside marriage. If he fears that he may seriously endanger his permanent relationship, he will avoid doing any action. And of course it is unlikely to separate …


Libra is one of the most untrustworthy signs. Love plays a very important role in his life and is something that hunts a lot. He does not want to feel alone and is often dependent on someone. But he easily gives his heart and somewhere else, without even knowing what he really wants. He is one of those who can have a two-door run and prolong a situation until he does not go anymore … Avoid the fight and the scenes, like the hell the incense … The chances of being separated are too few, as they will hardly leave home safe to them in the unknown …


The passionate and sensual Scorpio has the infidelity of … bread. He has such a flame inside him that no one can resist him. He feels the need to suck up life to the medallion, and the adventures for him are … the air that breathes. On the other hand, he is so jealous and possessive and he will make you scenes and understand how you play on a double dashboard. The fact that he does the same is fine for him. S.. is usually the main factor that will keep you close to him but do not expect him to give up everything for your sake, even if his marriage is a mere failure …


A Sagittarius always looks for variety and new experiences in his life and is bored easily. So infidelity is a natural consequence for him. If you are your extramarital adventure, it will make you believe that you are his only love and the truth will be that you will be until the next … If you want to have the primacy in his heart for a long time you should always keep him careless interest and never make him bored. A Sagittarius is always looking for a woman with a mind. And you also have to get used to the idea that soon he can leave you for some new mistress …


A Capricorn does not deceive easily, and if he does, he can not understand him … That’s why his Love deviations are very difficult to reveal. He is so cautious in his moves that it is almost impossible to catch him in the leeks. And if he finally finds you what he is missing, he will hardly separate, because he will not want to destroy his marriage in any way for fear of jeopardizing the social of the status. He has a great deal of thought about him and the social and economic success is a sake for a Capricorn …


The independent and liberal Aquarius loves the changes and the renewal, and for him, infidelity does not mean everything for the rest of the world. It has its own code of ethics, which does not necessarily correspond to the others. If a person turns his passion on, he will just give in as if nothing runs. In any case he does not want to feel that they have put him … a breech and the limitations for him exist only in the minds of others. But as soon as he can easily come to you, he can easily return to his wife, because just what you’ve got has been frightened … Will you find the love you’re looking for?


Pisces is one of the most untrustworthy signs, because their anxious spirit and their moodyness makes them unable to stay firmly oriented somewhere. Their psychological complexity is quite complex and they can pretend to be very well, so it will be difficult to trace their constitutions. They like to get involved in misty and highly confused stories. They prefer to take pleasure in some extramarital relationship, rather than to leave a marriage, but to make life unforgettable. They are very tolerant and so difficult will make the decision to take their cap and leave …

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