Many times in a relationship, the other person permanently finds reason to reduce us, so the relationship becomes toxic and is no longer pleasant and beneficial.

This is usually the case because our partner makes us her own insecurities and repulsive, and seeks to reduce us to make her look more worthy.

While it is most likely not to be conscious, it is advisable not to let such behaviors exist in a relationship.

The purpose of the relationship is for both people to be calm and have positive feelings. If that’s not the case for a long time, then maybe it’s time to review some things and set some boundaries.

Below are three simple ways to deal with a girl who constantly reduces you to the relationship.


# 1. Explain What Involves You

The simplest way is to clearly express what bothers you.

However, to achieve this, you have to sit somewhere calm, at a time when you both have a willingness to talk, and talk about what you care about.

Do not seek to make this conversation on a fight, or when your girlfriend reduces you, because you are most likely to start reacting both to what the other person says, and to make matters worse.

The most beneficial and the most likely to work is to find a quiet place sometime you will be both calm and willing to talk, and clearly express what bothers you.

Caution ! Do not start blaming her, because it’s most likely to start defending. Explain what you feel, and focus on it, not what you think is wrong.

This way you have more chances of getting to somewhere and solving the issue. Focus on finding out why you are doing what you are doing, and how you can solve it.

Otherwise, you will end up simply blaming the other.

Whatever it is, it is very important that you express in a calm way what bothers you in the relationship. Do not hold them inside. It does not benefit anyone.


# 2. Become More Dynamic In The Relationship

It is very important that you start to take your reins and responsibilities in the relationship, and not just follow her own. Explain dynamically your view and what you want, and become more dynamic to gradually get some limits and not let it down.

If you see that your girl is hitting on those that hurt you, foot foot. Do not let her make you feel bad about yourself.

Usually, the reason we tolerate bad behaviors in a relationship from our girlfriend is that we are afraid of losing our partner. However, once you realize that this is your weak point, and that you do not really want a woman next to you that constantly reduces you, that fear will leave you.

On the other hand, women want a dynamic guy next to them, who stands at his feet, has an opinion and expresses it with determination.

Do not be afraid of losing it. They are more likely to balance things as you become more dynamic within the relationship.


# 3. Put Your Limits Smoother

It is very important that we clearly set our limits in a relationship. There are things you tolerate and things you do not tolerate.

Nobody has the right to offend us and reduce us, let alone our girl.

The purpose of a relationship is to lift you up and give you value , not to take you away.

If this is the case, you also have a responsibility.

Put your limits more clearly, and show what are the things that you do not tolerate from other people.

All this will show you that you have limits, criteria and respect yourself.

The key here is to do this very clearly, and last.

When you do not tolerate anything, you do not tolerate it in general, not just once. Do not succumb. Say what bothers you in a way that can be understood, and do not let it happen again.

It is of no value to reduce your expectations and to your deeper level in order to keep your relationship.

No man has the right to violate our personal limits and reduce us. Even if it happens at a subconscious level, that does not mean it is justified.

We all deserve all the people, and you need to learn to support yourself in a relationship and to accept that too. If you have a fight for most of the time and you experience a mitigating behavior, then it’s time for you to change the situation or leave.

Staying in a toxic relationship certainly does not benefit you. Remember what you deserve.

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