True feelings. Nice phrase for alien times, we could easily think. Then the only way of communication was the letters and the crooked appointments, most of the time in streets smelling from the courtyards of the houses, with jasmine and roses. When the men had not yet begun to fear, since the “threat” of the woman’s power had not yet begun to be seen.

What is confession nowadays?

true feelings. Men’s privilege and obligation. And we continue to persuade women to support this view. Elsewhere, however, our events lead us. The very development has brought us to new expressions of data. Everything is now done so quickly and with relative ease that this time may never come, even if the relationship leads to marriage. However, some men, reaching out to genuine females, still keep the tradition that the male wants to express his love first, allow the woman to choose him and then move on to the next big step.True feelings. Sure, from the moments that will mark the memory of a woman, whatever the fate of the relationship is.

Read your insignia or the person you are interested in:



Ready in the left pocket of his shirt. And that does not mean he will do it without actually feeling it. He will do so, because his strong instinct immediately dictated him dynamically to go to the roast, if he does, of course, respond to his own, not so ordinary, tastes. The sky with stars will come down to express what she feels and will still feel for a long time, not for sure but for sure. He can suddenly, and in an unsuspecting time, get you a phone, want to meet you now, and before you even get to sit down at the restaurant table, you’ve heard everything. This is Aries. The impulsive and explosive in expression and emotions.


Confession and Taurus, rather two chapters incompatible with each other. Narcissus of the zodiac has learned to hear more about himself than to talk about others. In most cases, you should not expect to experience this joy from a Taurus. Nothing, however, is a rule in this life, especially when it comes to love, which has a unique way of breaking rules. After some time, and having recognized that the er*tic s.. between you works perfectly for him, it is very likely that when he is in a safe environment, and most importantly relaxed, including a good meal in the constellation, to express you ( not his feelings, do not hurry) the strong love affection he feels for you and that he can not continue without his life.


From the phone you can become a witness to confessing the love of a Gemini. Or he can drive in on a day trip. But do not expect words that will touch your heart. Your mind will surely be excited to such an extent that you are wondering, at that time, who finds it all and says it, since certainly no preparation has done. The good thing in the case of a Gemini is that it will not take a long time to reach that stage of confession, which is most likely to find you unprepared. He will focus on the reasons that immediately made him think that through you he discovered the way he wants to communicate er*tic and, of course, that he wants to live you through all your everyday moments. Just for him, but not necessarily understandable to you, since at some point you will have difficulty getting into the heart of his thinking. As a result, constantly makes you wonder if it really meant all that.


You will wait a lot, most likely. First, he must have secured your response to all that is ready for a long time to be confessed to you. And most likely, in his own space. If after many meetings you first hear him invite you to his home or office, then you are properly prepared, that is the great time. The time may precede this marriage proposal and of course the time that you judge as the most appropriate to experience the feeling of maternity. Confession, married children, those for a Cancer are interrelated. With shyness and food that he has prepared, he will open his heart wide and will reveal feelings that he might not allow before, not even hover. This is Cancer. Later,



If you are lucky to experience the experience of true feelings by a Leo, then you know that you are worth much more than you think. The decision to reach this stage means a lot. Why is it important to know that no decision about the zodiac’s constant and fiery is the result of the last minute. It is up to the mind and the heart to conspire to reach the point of expressing what it feels and clearly communicating to you joyfully news about your relationship and how it needs to live it. And it’s not just what you will hear, it’s also the setting you’ve surely prepared to live the moment, the more cinematic you get. Starring himself, he will make sure you never forget his appearance,


Pour a Virgo to find the courage he needs to express what he feels for you. And even the most difficult one to assume the responsibility of those who will say, no matter if within it is bursting with emotions, but most of the time it tries to hide, fearing the report, first of all against itself. The only phase in which he does not feel threatened by the fear of exposure is the moment of er*tic encounter. So suddenly, in moments of er*tic passion, you may hear it expressing the lovemaking of your love, that it thinks you, that is, constantly. But he can even make big confessions, like, “I want you to be forever in my life.” But at the end of the s..ual encounter, do not expect them to be heard again.


What’s simpler to express, but also what ritual process for a Libra. Wherever he or she decides to do so, he must have ensured that the conditions are perfectly harmonized with this great moment, which will certainly be repeated. And if not, it is most likely to be repeated in the future, with a different point of reference for love and desire. With words sweet and calm, with an atmosphere of sensuality, be it in its private area, in a restaurant or in a luxury hotel. His way of expression will be such as to make you feel like the only woman in the world, his past and later life. Real experience and unforgettable true feelings by Don Juan of the zodiac.


The most difficult for a Scorpio to be able to express his feelings, the passion of his love. And it is not that he does not want to do it, but the way he experiences them is so complex, the level at which all emotional processes are so deep that he really has difficulty expressing what he feels. However, you will not have to have the true feelings of a Scorpio to be confirmed. From the first moment of the Love encounter, it will open all of your papers and it will certainly do so in such a way that this true feelings (in the most likely bed) puts the next ones likely to follow in your life in a second fate . No one else has the way to stimulate body, senses, soul and mind at such a special moment. And before you reach this stage,


Out of nature, wait for the true feelings by a Sagittarius. It can climb the steep mountains or raft in the river. Or even after a successful tennis game, still wearing his athletic clothes. It could of course be in a cafe in a square, in a major European city. And if it is an intellectual Sagittarius, after a philosophical discussion or an interesting lecture. The way he does it will be simple, without much romantic words. Free and without hesitation, he will refer to all the stages he has spent in order to reach the great hour of his true feelings. However, there will always be a post-script, of the formula: “I want you very much, but above all, I want my freedom.”


From the zodiacs that the Capricorns want. Dynamism and self-confidence come aside when they are going to express their Love. But the time has come to understand from the need to let go of his professional duties and to seek more and more communication and contact with you. The conditions under which it will be made should respond to the gravity of the situation, because such a process does not occur frequently in the life of a Capricorn. One only asks you, so that he can express at maximum everything that he has long traded within: being aware of this serious process, since it will also signal the evolution of the relationship.


No special preparation, as far as the process ritual is concerned. An anti-disinfector and free from the traditional ways, it will surprise you, most likely, and maybe even ground you enough, since you may, in retrospect, think about the appropriateness of space and time for this so important moment . But this is the Aquarius. But what will surely record in you is the sincerity that will surely stimulate your brain strings. Responding to the expression of your desire, you will experience a different love frequency, and you are most likely to discover yourself the same aspects of yourself that you have not known until now. The way of communication goes to another level, experiencing love through his intellectual expression, even at the time of er*tic encounter.


True Love and Pisces, the perfect combination. Suddenly, you can find it in front of you “good or bad”. Why never with a Fish you can not know what your love can do for you. It can be in unprecedented True Love trails, but it can also in troubled seas, which suddenly and suddenly drives you to steep rocks. But it was worth the trouble, even if the second case would apply. The words you will hear will automatically take you somewhere else, even if the True Love confession is done in some busy coffee. Words of great, full of sounds and smells, words full of promises. One that is very likely to turn back to look at, or elsewhere says it. He tells you and you have to believe it. And the words to believe it. But take care of your intuition, to reveal the duration of the confession contract. Most likely, the date is short-term. The sure thing, however, is that this True Love will raise both your shares so that you do not want to compromise with something less.

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