Usually, we say that only with a next relationship we can definitely overcome the previous one. This, of course, only happens when the new relationship is worthwhile, because if it is not worth it, then there is always the possibility of … reversing.

Some others, however, prefer to wait until their previous relationship is flushed out of their souls, and then restart the heart of their heart. It has been proven by everyone’s experience that there are not always golden solutions, and something that works for someone does not have to be just as effective for someone else. It is always a combination of many factors, even when it comes to the same person, each time another solution works best. Of course, there is always the case or else you plan them to come to you. If it’s for good to come, otherwise … let’s overtake it!


He’ll be back in the arena as soon as possible! For him to let the pain and fear stay long in his heart is like the example of the driver who, when he was fired, was afraid so much, and after he had not come back for a long time in his hands, he could never again to drive. But the one who stood up and drove back into the moment, overcame it! This will bring a classic Aries. He will be written in social media, he will make a new appointment, will flirt … and soon he will feel his heart flutter in those familiar pulses of love! He will give it all, he will make dreams, surprises that will leave the other without the sound, until at some point and because of his rush, he can understand that he made the wrong choice and soon find ugly surprises …


In Taurus, things will run at slower and perhaps more … random rhythms. His decision will be to wait for the right moment and not to rush to commit to a new person in his life. And he is capable of doing so, but if he accidentally shows up on his way someone who will attract him, he will start to flirt with the idea and not only! It can even begin a way … in a way, and that’s what I say, because the one who either will not be so open and emotional will not easily leave his soul unprotected in front of the arrows of the new love. The point, however, is that the other may misinterpret his attitude, misinterpret what he says and soon our Taurus will stay “in the cold of the bath”!


Once a Gemini separates, he will try to manage, as logically as possible, the situation and look to make the pain in him … silent! It will come as soon as possible into a new relationship, and in the first instance it can even idealize it, so that when it glance up in the past, it feels happy and lucky to be out of the previous situation. Most importantly, however, he wants to convince himself that he has completely overcome it. Sometimes he can be lucky and if the new person who came into his life is worth it, he will soon be erased from his memory – see: Alzheimer … – the previous face. The fact that his expectations can be discouraged is not only due to the new love he entered, but also to the super-idealization he had made …


He will hardly think soon enough to take the risk again into a new relationship. The passion of the recent past leaves little room for choice in our Cancer … “try and look what has happened”! Either way, it hurts and still remembers with all the creepy detail what preceded it. He gave “land and water” and the result was he did not know now where to stand, he felt the earth being lost under his feet, and if the moment did not come, he would feel somewhat safer, and above all confidence again in himself , he will not dare it easily. He needs to cry, to recapture the relationship that has ended, to critique and self-criticism … until the good God regrets him and sends him something new heaven! Because if he waits for him … only if he was a Buddhist (see: posthumous …)



It will not let anyone easily understand what is happening in his soul! Even in his own self he will put pressure on him to make him believe that what ended him, just … he did not deserve it! Nevertheless, he will not immediately chase his case to engage in a new relationship, we would say he will leave it a bit to his luck the whole thing. He is incredibly proud and will never easily admit that he was afraid and still afraid he will be overwhelmed. He will show the people around him that his life continues at his normal pace, he will find ways to throw it out, he will try not to think about it, something not so easy … In the end, he will prefer to keep only the good memories to feel the winner and go ahead proudly and with dignity his life!


Or that by luck will soon come back into a new relationship or that … “May Mais live to have a clover …” Especially if it was not his own decision to end the previous relationship, it would hardly overcome the insecurity and the fear of moving on to something new soon in his life. He will put the case on the table – in his own case on … a pathological table – and he will start scrutiny that he has gone, and especially when he did not go well. He will put all the heart-related data in his mind’s microscope and try to make a diagnosis … Take the egg and eat it, that’s! Elements relating to two different operating centers and he insists on doing one. It does not make it difficult to make a decision to get into the previous relationship and look at what happened, so to think again soon on the same issue …


If the other person put an end to the relationship, Libra is wounded and makes no attempt to hide it. If the decision was his own … then, he is already in a new relationship! But even in the first case, a Libra will not be left alone for long. Even in a 24-hour period, it has even come out for … baroque and landscape scenery … Even the tears are not well-dried and the eyes are already shining in front of a new object of desire. And where you heard from your mouth painful “ah and wah”, you suddenly hear a happy long-haul “Aaa!” And there you understand that the drama is already over … and started new! A real love, however, you never forget it, so she will say: “In her unholy health …. that I could give my life for the sake of my life … to the next, who is not looking for victims! ”


Are you okay? What, will it end a love? Without crying, laughing at her, doing her all … rituals …? But anyway, for Scorpio we are talking about the definition of drama! Even if the previous one left, Scorpio always remains in the battlefield (where battlefield = landscape of relationship) and will, with all grandeur, mourn as another Antigone the corpse of their love …! At some point, however, and where you will not expect it, the magnificent eyes with the velvety look will look strange, and you can be sure that something new enlightens the horizon of her erotic life. And when we talk about something new, we mean the one, the unique! For a Scorpio, every new love is like the first love, as if there were not others before. That’s why he cried them, he buried them deeply … and together with them and a piece of himself. What survived is what was born again in its ashes, so rightly it feels every time it is the first time it falls in love!



“I will live a free bird, not a sucker in a cage …” Surely, Sagittarius wrote this and even after separation. Even if it was not his own decision to end the relationship, he would soon be bowing to new ports and airports … Life for him is always the new experience, so he does not have time for crying and weeping. It is also the fate that accompanies him, who wants to stay alone for a while, and he will always come from where he will not be waiting, a new temptation in front of which he can not stay uninhibited! It will start with the enthusiasm of a young child, who goes to play at his favorite playground, a new relationship. It is probably one of the few things in his life that he does not have it or, probably, he has been particularly well philosophical! “”Tomorrow dawns a fresh day” is his or her own motto …


Here it fits “I will not let go …” Even if it was not his decision to end the previous relationship, he would handle it in a very dynamic way. Moreover, he alone is eternally committed, is his personal and above all his professional success. Of course, after 2-3 months, it may come as if the past glimmered, something to shadow his gaze … but after a while, he will remember who he is and will overcome it! Whether it will soon be in a new relationship is not very certain. If luck brings it on its way, if it does not … it will not blow. He knows that sooner or later he will be justified and when something new will come to his interest, he will be important. Until then … we have business to do!


A disorientation, a sense of being lost and not knowing where they are … (not that they knew with all certainty before). However, they feel a bit like losers after the end of a relationship, especially if it was not their own decision. If they get into a new relationship soon? Does he also want a question? Of course yes! They may not hunt for themselves, but they know that everything in life is like bus stops. Did you miss one? Oh, it does not matter, there is always a next one that will come! Suffice to have the patience to wait, which does not make them very special. That’s why they can see the tram from the opposite side of the street, and they can run to prevent it because they can not withstand the stagnation. Now,


Basically Pisces can change the order of the question. That is, it may already be in a new relationship, before the separation of the previous …! But even if it has not happened that way, of course it will be sorry for the old one that ended, but that does not mean that if he felt his heart again, he would not rush long into the new relationship he started. Mother, and soon will make a new relationship, and dreams for a common life will do, and what will stay when they get married will do! A child who “re-writes” from the very beginning is Pisces. Even if his previous mate had hurt him and betrayed him, and he believed that he was irreparably injured, soon with the memory of the goldfish that characterizes him, and especially his love affairs, he would again hear the cheerful siren voice calling him …!

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